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Nantong tutor network SI Rui tutor consulting a professional tutor in Nantong-Nantong, Nantong English tutor, math tutor in Nantong, Nantong language tutor, Nantong part-time tutoring, one-on-one tutoring in Nantong, Nantong scientists teach elementary school tutor in Nantong, Nantong middle school tutor, Nantong high school tutor, welcome to contact!
Our service is based on a traditional family services, with the actual customer demand in the market, with existing sophisticated network resources, advanced modern mode of operation and professional services teams, tutors and tutor of both choice and Exchange, provides students with one-on-one in home tutoring, education consulting services, recommended for teacher qualification assessment, commissioned service. We strongly promote tutoring industry information, networking, e-commerce development, the tutoring industry is a revolutionary innovation, exerted a wide influence in the country. Staff users can freely post tutoring a resume on the site, the query demand information, online tutoring appointment choice information. Student users can publish their own tutoring needs according to their own requirements independent searching and selecting the right teacher. Website provides information for students and teachers both automatic matching and optimization, to the greatest extent, saving users time and effort by both sides, and completely change the traditional family services mode.
We strive to provide standardized, professional service, and stringent certification system for hiring teachers, teacher certification records and teaching resumes online and offline dual filing, pre-job training for trainers, certified, for providing safe door-to-door service routine. We provides of tutor counselling both including traditional of elementary and middle schools language, and English, and math, education project, also covers has computer, and English oral, and various language exam, and adult education, integrated class project, and art, and painting, and music, and instruments, and dance, various art class project Shang also has is strong of advantage, can for General parents and students provides all level, and all subject of culture quality education integrated service.