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Read, read and understand, write, writing and composition. Language learning is the two most important things in the process.
Read the language. Language learning, it is important that language. "Why used the word in this paragraph instead of the one", "why this sentence is a wrong sentences", most of the time, we don't need to ask "why", the sense already told us reasons. The cultivation of the sense came in dribs and drabs, usually "reads" the accumulation.
Reading is an effective way to improve reading comprehension. Here said the "reading", and not just read aloud or read the article again, but also to include thinking and memory, and so on. In other words, the reading should be a brain his fists of the process. An article, need to start with? Summed up: first, to solve the "what is written" problems; second, to solve the "how" questions; and, third, memory wonderful language in articles and words. These three aspects are talking about a brain his fists problem. In an article in the learning process, to consciously solve the problem of the three, this is "read". Only in this way can only improve their reading comprehension.
Reading is also a means to accumulate basic knowledge of the language and composition materials. A wide, well-informed, chest holds a "qiuhe". In this way, in the process of writing, will not feel like I have nothing to say, write articles would not empty-sounding, but eloquent, well-founded.
Now that "reads" there are so many benefits in the language learning process, emphasizing "reads" begin.
Write, includes two aspects--the writing and composition.
In terms of writing, college entrance examination outline specific requirements: writing a volume written in appearance, second volume writing neat and clear, neat and clear the three volume four volumes writing illegible. Starting from 2005 the college entrance examination, Shandong alone proposition, marking language online. This has further requirements for writing. So both exam outline and in the Shandong Chinese online marking, are telling us a message: it is necessary to write the words.
Take a step back and say, require all people to reach the level of appearance or reality, but neatly written clearly, avoid, and that is what each of us can do. Perhaps someone took "written neatly will affect the speed of answer like" making excuses for myself writing less neat. Yes, in the first stage you are serious about writing, it will affect on the speed of your answer sheet. But we cannot simply because there is a "flu", is not to treat this time "a bad cold", right? Knowing that written clearance will not affect scores, how dare we not taken seriously?
In fact, to do so is not difficult to write neatly. Our characters are characters. It is an inspiration to us: square, square. Is in the "party" on expectations. Did you write a horizontal even vertical? You upper left and lower left, upper-right and lower-right corners in the line up? Not yet? Then on these two aspects. I don't have how long, you write the words you can't feel that you can't believe you're going to write so well.
Composition problems. Although, no fixed method, but the writing is about "laws". Here, first of all to clarify a problem. My essays and usually write articles is different. Usually write articles, we are going to "taste", and my essays tend to be browsed. Browse and taste there is a qualitative difference. So write my essays cannot but note a bit of examination techniques. Like the beginning, just at the beginning, begins to give readers a sense of what you wrote, this is very important. Otherwise, for quite a while, readers still foggy, I don't know what you have to say. How is it allowed? Main part of the article must be written around the Center, be sure to write with, these minimum requirements must be done. To the end, to the last again to express the theme, deepened the impression on the reader. In this way, an article should do the trick.
Written composition was summed up in two words: appeal to emotion, and with reason. The meaning of the two words is that if your article, when the written narrative, a good solution to the "appeal to emotion" problem when writing argumentative, a good solution to the "Daniel" problem, then the problem will be solved in your composition.
How to write "appeal to our emotions, with reason" essay? Write argumentative questions already covered above, so this narrative on writing issues.
Wrote a less than thousand-Word examination of narrative, there are several issues should be brought to our attention:
① the mobilization of emotional problems. Ready for composition work, this is a big topic, great article. For example the problem of selection. If you select some new material to their own compositions, it is difficult to mobilize their creative feelings, so we should consciously choosing some of the more familiar material, preferably on himself or some person or thing in the environment we live in. There is a problem as soon as possible into the title. Time of 150 minutes of language examinations to the composition in an hour or so, then we are examining from conception to start writing, time for a maximum of 15 minutes and, of course, may not be less than 10 minutes. In that time, we should not only consider the conception of the article, arrangement of the essay also mobilized their emotions so that they are "into" the narrative scenes. This "immersive" is the essence of emotion is mobilized.
② interception of life, with the "message" that red line, put together into articles. This is determined by the composition of space. Yipianqian-word article, impossible to explain to the beginning and end of all things out and is able to explain only describe the gist of the story. In this way, content is not thick, but also lack of vividness, not "moving people by emotion." For interception of the life of some typical pieces, detailed description, you can avoid the occurrence of such situations.
③ description or narrative problems. Narrative storyline, often prone to language dry, less vivid, so not up to "moving people by emotion" purposes. In narrative writing, preferably using descriptive way, grasp the lives of 32 close-up and vivid descriptions. We know that the description of the thing, the more specific the more image, thus the more vivid.
Finally, one more suggestion: make use of the text.
Since the effective way to improve reading comprehension is "read", so in this sense, can be simply read widely. Yes, apart from fast food articles, there is litter-articles other than those, we read what the article can be.
However, the benefits of reading the text to read the text. First, the text is your silent teachers. We are in the process of reading the articles, "wrote" "how to write" thinking is correct or not? No one asked if we will not be able to determine. But if we read the text, it would not have these problems. Each lesson has a reading guide, after the text is accompanied by some of the comments, they can give us in order to answer confusion, help us accumulate knowledge. Apart from fast-food litter composition in addition to what can be read, so why don't we choose the text of this most powerful tool? Second, most of the texts are some typical work, no need to waste our time to pick. Third, the principle of college entrance examination question is "topics in the class, the answer in class." Is only in this sense, we have to pay attention to our texts!
To sum up, how to learn a language? From reading and writing, and improve the quality of our language skills and language abilities