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To develop students ' mathematics reading ability, we first need to understand the characteristics of mathematics. It is traditionally believed that mathematics is the science of tools, math is a language, is all science--science, social science, management science, and other tools and languages. Of language learning are essential reading, so math is not left to read. Characteristics of mathematics itself determines the specificity of mathematics reading. How to cultivate the students ' reading ability?
And stimulate the students ' interest in reading math teachers should allow students to understand the importance of reading for students especially students often feel that they succeeded in learning some things through reading to enhance students ' consciousness of mathematics reading to arouse the students ' interest in reading, mathematics. Is an effective way to encourage students to read for the mathematics to introduce and recommend good reading material, making full use of existing conditions, the Blackboard in the classroom in an attractive manner often display or post some interesting mathematical materials, strengthening the reading guidance, to stimulate students ' interest in reading.
Second, the teacher should model how to read mathematics teacher master methods of reading instruction, efforts by reading to improve classroom teaching efficiency and teaching methods of reading and learning. When teaching students to read math textbooks, teachers ' content on the best book in the selected paragraphs, to talk to students about his reading to the model. After each at the end of a unit or a section, and also requires students to read textbooks and class notes on the basis of the summary, to develop students ' reading ability.
Third, let them learn how to skim and intensive reading of the so-called skimming, is the backbone of the textbook knowledge of the whole. For example, after getting a new book, first book can be divided into several chapters, each chapter can be divided into several sections, each section can be divided into several parts, each part about what the problem is, every question is explained what and so on, this is what we call the skimming.
Intensive reading of so-called, that is according to the curriculum requirements for each class, textbook section-by-section, paragraph, sentence by sentence to read. At of reading, is in himself capacity by and the of range within, carefully thinking textbook lines penetration of knowledge points, compared difficult understand at more read several again, necessary Shi to analysis it of sentences components, note doubts, and difficulties, acting clear concept, and theorem, and formula and law of context, that is to small angle, and has targeted to figure out defined, and axiom or formula of logic contact, and connotation and extension. In addition, the note to read sorting, prioritize. Which are the basic concepts, theorems, formulas, and so on, what must master, what to know, what to apply, which knowledge associated with the previous or the difference, which can be extended, widening, and requires students to sort out knowledge, basic skills, and mathematical thinking.
Four, to strengthen the text language and sign language, and convert and read and write with the reading training in teaching materials of mathematics, mathematical symbol, graphic, more, sometimes with a lot of language to say the place to see and some mathematical symbols or a graphic can solve the problem. Reading is often the reading and writing process. While, mathematics reading requirements memory important concept, and principle, and formula, and writing can speed up, and strengthening memory, mathematics reading Shi, on important of content often through writing or for notes to strengthening memory; on the, textbook prepared to simple, mathematics reasoning of reason often omitted, operation proved process also often briefly, reading Shi, if from Shang a step to next span larger, often needed paper pen calculus reasoning to "jiaqiaopulu", to smooth reading; also has, mathematics reading often requirements from text in the General antibody out some things, Such as problem-solving steps, problem-solving methods, mathematical thinking and structure of knowledge, or some cases, variants, to deepen our understanding, which often requires the reader in the form of footnotes written in the margin for later review.
Learning of mathematics reading ability is a long-term and arduous task, and it is impossible through the efforts of overnight success. Therefore, in the normal course of study must be consciously strengthened training in this area.