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Xinhua Guiyang telegram (reporter Wang Chencheng, Shi xinrong) "in modern society, economic life has become a very important part of the financing became a basic ability to adapt to the social development, should start with children, let them develop good financial habits from an early age. "Guiyang municipal Bureau Deputy Director LU ming said.
Lu Ming thought, in the traditional view, business, are inferior to the industry, and many people think that good at going to be full of stench, many parents are reluctant to talk about kids "money". Some foreign students at the University is running her own business venture. Many Chinese students go abroad to study, pick up only some low level jobs, such as washing dishes, side dishes, and so on, one of the most important reasons is that Chinese students lack of financial awareness, and do not know how to use their wisdom to make money.
Guiyang City, principal of the experiment two Shu Lina thought, teachers and parents themselves have a certain lack of financial awareness and is one reason for the lack of financial education of children, rarely involve financial literacy in the classroom.
"At present, not as some Western developed countries, separate to one financial management course, but in the usual textbooks, teacher and local classes, there is a need for certain financial basics of penetration. "Shu Lina said.
Lu Ming told reporters that since the beginning of 2006, Bureau of Guiyang City and industrial and commercial bank branch for some primary and secondary schools in Guiyang, Guizhou province launched the "little money" campaign, received support from some parents and their children. These activities the family has a unique advantage, the parents had at least one parent is a financial worker, in line with good results. However, there are more families and children, due to the lack of knowledge and lack of attention, children's financial education is still in a State of ignorance, which also highlighted the lack of financial education in China.
Experts suggested that financial education should start with children, school, society and family should work together to strengthen children's financial education.