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To the end of the year, it is tough for a semester the students finally get respite from a busy life and enjoy the holidays. Holidays are happy, but also psychological problems of adolescents are frequent periods of 12355 Shanghai Youth Service platform to remind young people and their parents, should pay attention to psychological health during the winter holidays, prevention of child psychology "cold."
12355 Shanghai Youth Service platform analyzing data for the last 5 years found that during winter break, mental stress, test network, sexual problems like mental problems are frequent among young people, attracted the attention of young people, families and the community together.
Mr Chen's daughter is 15 years old, the final exam, 3 major accomplishments have decreased, in class rank fell to middle and lower income groups, therefore, from holidays to the present, Chen daughter's mood is always low. She kept doing exercises out of class every day, if not subject to lose his temper, tearing paper, Chen doesn't know how to be good.
Counselors told Mr Chen, the children kept doing the exercises because of the decline in test scores, on the face of it, is through their own efforts to improve the performance of the child, but this behavior reflects that she could not accept the fact that his poor test scores. So, as a parent, you can communicate with daughter, address the psychology of children because of poor test scores and shadows.
Psychological Advisory Division pointed out that, first, parents to let children calm accept this exam of defeat, once exam defeat only description children in learning Shang exists some problem, and this is can through yihou of efforts improved of; second, parents can and children with analysis exam defeat of reasons, lessons learned, will children of attention put in new semester of learning Shang, don't for once exam defeat and excessive remorse; third, parents to analysis children exists learning pressure of reasons: is itself character of reasons, also is parents of expects high? Parents should often communicate with their children, help children build up your confidence, with a healthy face failure and frustration.
Bright was a high school boy, just a holiday at home for the first few days, mother allowed him to relax a few days. Then bright started playing online games all day. A week later, Vicky's mother found son's computer the night off in the room, bright all night playing games every day, homework did not write of it at all. Vicky's mother did not know how to stop and can only crudely-drawn Bright House cable, under bright and angry, with their parents in a violent manner is disputed.
Counselors said that baby is just the first few days of the holiday, parents special tolerance, hard for a semester a child completely "crazy days". However, this "gift" was often broke the child's normal routine, children have no concept of time, endless gaming habits, when parents find out, often it is too late.
Counselors said parents of the "good" tends to have a negative impact because of the way, even with the contradictions and conflicts between children. Experts suggest that parents can select appropriate according to the characteristics of the children's entertainment, but also pay attention to the time control, best not to take a single way to relax. Parents can guide their children to extracurricular reading, traveling, avoid the child's attention was attracted by a single lead to addiction.