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As we all know, tall buildings, study design, and a lack of building materials, so even with a good design also made a decent House. Similarly, in language teaching, in brilliant ideas, if there is no language-rich, and the dumplings in a teapot – not. Language is a communicative tool, thinking tools. Hard to imagine that a language-poor man, his mind will be highly developed. Therefore, to enrich the students ' language, is undoubtedly an effective means of developing the students ' thinking.
Pupils have a good memory, imitator, and perception is relatively weak, accumulation therefore attached great importance to the new curriculum standard language, with special emphasis on reading accumulated through life experience, stressed repeatedly that they abandon the cumbersome content analysis in Chinese teaching to make students master the language rules in the language practice. This curriculum goal gave each language teachers how to guide students through the accumulation of new topics. We all know that a learning habit forming, acquisition of an ability to learn, are inseparable from the cultivation of teachers ' training and for a long time and accumulate as well.
Beginning of a class "acquaintance", expand the lexical space.
Expanding vocabulary, the best way is to read books, which has been adopted by many teachers agree. Teachers have to do proper guidance, such as the plum nuclear article, I caught the three training: first, actual objects using class vocabulary describing plum shape; the second is a metaphor for describing Vanya blush; the third is verb-complement structure of the sentence "he was white." I consciously help students accumulate outside describes the fruit color, shape, taste words, words of description the red color and description ' fear, category copy on the card.
II, lesson "familiarity" and strengthen vocabulary learning.
The accumulation of extra, if not after a long period of extraction, use, the retention rate is quite low, we cannot ignore the phenomenon: some students like reading, and obediently did note, but the vocabulary is still so poor in his essay. The reason is that some good has not been digested in a timely manner, strengthening, and forgotten. It is a great pity. If language teaching, consciously create context, let them get out of class words, use, day after day, that vocabulary is quite considerable. By combining extracurricular accumulation and recognition of English words in the classroom so that students from the vocabulary of the blind. Every word of information encoding, storing students ' knowledge structure and reinforce vocabulary learning.
Three make friends, writing, vocabulary learning.
Composition is the advanced stages of language learning are fully reflect students ' language ability. Words are accurate, rich, vivid, you can test students on the degree of internalization of vocabulary. Meanwhile, composition vocabulary but also to deepen students ' understanding of the vocabulary. Therefore, teachers should consciously give students what they learned vocabulary, helping them rise from unconscious to conscious application of State. After-outside-inside-and outside class times repeatedly, students naturally will use words. After a phase of training, students not only at the time of writing does not have nothing to say, and has a keen interest on accumulated words using words.
Main task of language learning is to learn the language, is the ultimate goal of learning a language and use of accumulated and understanding is a prerequisite to use. Vocabulary and language literacy of our students to develop a deep, thick and thin hair, their language is not pale, thinking they will be lighted lighted.