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1. deny the "Internet addiction" definition.
Recently, the public of minors "Internet addiction" high attention from the issue. Argue that "Internet addiction" definition is not exact, it should not be inaccurate to use the network on health and social damage.
2. strict principles of intervention to prevent improper and illegal "ring net" cause harm to young people.
(A) promote the adoption of integrated psychosocial intervention, standardized psychological guidance, counseling and psychotherapy; intervention personnel are professionally trained and qualified personnel (b) intervention intervention goal is correction of psychological and behavioral problems, promote its healthy using the Internet, improve their social functioning, rather than disruption or termination of their Internet behavior.
(C) strictly prohibit restriction of personal freedom of intervention (such as a closed, opening intervention), corporal punishment is strictly prohibited.
(D) improper use of the network associated with obvious anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive symptom individuals to medical institutions for the diagnosis and treatment in accordance with relevant clinical specification. Therapeutic indications for using psychotropic substances to be controlled strictly. Damaged surgeries are strictly prohibited.
--All of the above quotation from the minors online guide