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Tutoring matters needing attention!
While working in the tutoring should be punctual and bring a valid identity document, and make full use of time, play to your strengths, prepare lesson plans, teaching materials and teaching plans, learn more about parents/tutors and intended to cooperate with parents, so that students in real progress on the academic achievement and learning methods, the satisfaction of parents.
Also note that tutor to improve personal development, and positive work attitude.
The girls tutor notes:
1, first drafted into the home during the day, the best students.
When 2, if candidates are found, only the man of the House home alone, best make it some time.
3, tutor first recruitment, recruitment conditions found during interviews with the original conditions out of time, should be on the alert, especially when teaching students is the host male adults or should be immediately rejected.
4, if the first-time candidates, find a tutor when the parents were surprised, don't hesitate to accept, speed should be reflected to the Nantong's home network.
5, parenting class, if the host special hospitality beyond the enthusiasm of the parents, should be on the alert, when you feel right, immediately resigned as tutor.
6, family breaks, if parents treat fruit, beverages, if they feel for the family or parents are not very familiar with, should not be consumed.
7, found that her parents had harassed his behavior or tendencies should be at the end of a tutor, and tutoring Center contact quickly, do not bear down, Center for this event must remain confidential.
8, to complete a parenting class, best not to stay too long in the family home, not to mention the men sent back to the dorm. Not so easily accept the male parents offer a common holiday, talking with their best long story short, clear and concise.
9, do not easily accept tutoring gift from the parents, especially the male gift from parents, more decent to accept or reject it.