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In many cases, the more simple problem, the more difficult to explain. People see it as a matter of course, but often ignore the importance of nature. Children are small, sometimes gave away the mystery. Their problems are always on the most simple and most naïve to think, without any pollution, impurities, so, so simple and lovely children, as parents you, how to face, to reply?
Children often ask questions the answers in a timely manner, it is growth the most important stages of his life, embarked on the a strong thirst for knowledge is inevitable at this stage. If they cannot be effectively answered in good time, but rudely blocked their children continue to "sew", then it would be cruel to kill children the seeds of wisdom. Even affect the future life and worldview formation.
Listen as parents, the first thing to do, is the issue of patience to listen to the child to finish, and then use the simplest and most objective to explain the words. If a child asks, why do people eat it? you tell him, eating an increase in your energy, only ate rice, will become tough and strong, can play well, good work. People do not get tired. Parents say, believe that children will have a preliminary understanding, the child will feel, must eat the long body, will become a horse. It also allows children to develop the good habit of regular meals.
Avoid perfunctory parent children's questions never to muddle through, nor may use ghosts and other unscientific rhetoric and pass. Some parents think their children asked questions annoying, would say, let you listen you listen, or else there will be nine-headed monsters came and you took. Fragile child's mind is extremely simple. They often cannot distinguish correctly, so it is easy to produce unhealthy fear in children. In addition, once the children have found the truth, as parents were lied to him, it is dangerous. Children will quickly lose the confidence of parents. Instead, it really is self-defeating.
Don't ridicule your child if your child suddenly asking a very absurd question, as parents of the parents do not feel dismissed, even laughing at the children. Once the parents ' ridicule caused the child's self-esteem hurt, the result will be disastrous. Therefore, parents should note that even if the children ask ridiculous questions, you should be careful with, because children are very hard, very dedicated to ask, if the apathy of parents, they don't want to open questions.
When parents meet the shelf down parents themselves difficult questions, remember not to FOB. Because children are in the period of knowledge has been established, it might just be because the parents ' negligence, and cause a truth cannot be properly understood. Parents can rest assured to say that MOM and dad don't know, wait a minute I checked the information and then tell them, OK? parents do not think that this will greatly reduce your children's place. In fact, when you've checked the information and the correct answer when told, tends to make you more respect, more trust. And children together in learning new knowledge, as it is a very happy thing.