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How to evaluate the work of a tutor may be different parents have different standards, but more parents remain with the poor grades are improving as one of the most important indicators.
We can extract some parents ' evaluation of tutor:
· Tutor learning not only impart knowledge but a good way to teach my child.
• Family counselling of teachers, children's grades in the class moves forward.
• Significantly improve child learning.
Of course, a good tutor, whose main job is to help the students to improve their academic performance. He shall through a variety of methods, first of all, to understand the real causes of bad children's homework: ways and means there is nothing wrong with learning, mastering the knowledge and skills which part of flaws, vulnerabilities. Then the actual difficulties and problems for children, targeted counselling or guidance systems, so that children in the overall grasp of knowledge has improved significantly. Of course, the tutor before the counseling and guidance, advance preparation is an essential part of small. Must be on the child the learning material, doing thorough research, understand, take a look at the whole structure of teaching material, write your ideas, what's the difference with traditional textbooks, what are the characteristics and so on. If you do not know, you can consult your child's teacher. Without the necessary preparation work, rushing, East West a hammer Mallet, headache medicine, foot pain foot, impossible to achieve the desired guidance effect.
If a teacher confined to learning strategies of the family guidance and the imparting of knowledge, does not say he is a qualified tutor. A qualified tutor should also pay attention to students ' personality and improve the overall quality of, should be able to own the charm to affect students. In today's learning environment, students should be accepted or not just knowledge, should also set a difficulty perseverance, courage to overcome the self quality, college entrance examination of University students ' experience and for them should be a valuable asset. Then tutoring students should pay more attention to their own advantage, make yourself better.
Parents only have the correct evaluation criteria as a tutor, to keep investment at home will not be wasted, not because kids do not increase easily dismiss a qualified tutor.