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Parents need to understand some of the factors affecting kids, can make children better understand their own reasons for poor results, and more appropriate, more targeted methods to help children improve their performance.
Factors that influence the children's study:
And their children's children actually have a bad result of psychological stress, not because of clumsy, but because parents gave him great psychological pressure. There are many parents when a child's grades are not good enough, do not meet the established requirements or criteria, will always be in front of children showing their emotions – anxiety, anger, disappointment, despair ... ... They will bring a lot of psychological pressure.
Under the situation of poor children in their academic performance, always sad or discouraged. Some children, especially the children of home economic conditions were not very good, also will feel sorry parents. Some parents always told their children that: what makes you so stupid? You look at people, how well, and more than 80 points, 90 minutes, great! Fail in how do you do? Foolish! So the child will begin to doubt their own abilities, and began to give yourself a mental suggestion that I no. His inferiority, guilt and my heart more and more. Academic performance is more difficult to go up.
So parents should give children encouragement, so that children believe in their abilities, so as to reduce stress, enhance their self-confidence, is for your child to learn better.
Second, children learn some good grades, not because of laziness, on the other hand, there are a lot of children very seriously, wait when all one's time is spent in learning, but spent so much time, but always effective. In this case, very often because the child did not have a good way to learn.
As a parent, should contact the teacher, understanding children's learning in school and teacher made the children can learn the methods of application, so that the reference to the teacher's methods, combined with the actual level of the child and the actual study habits, together with the children summed up most appropriate to their unique learning methods.
Also, to learn about the child's basic situation. Like some bad grades is because the base is very poor, so when the class was almost couldn't understand what the teacher was saying. This situation will help children from most based of content fill up, while with help teacher of progress, side still to children will teacher class Shi told of content, cannot let children just blindly to to fill vulnerability, while to let he on new of knowledge has understand, especially Dang new of knowledge and front of knowledge contact is unlikely to Shi, to encourages and help children master new of knowledge. Children can only be repeated endlessly fill down in three.
Some children learn is not bad, but just can't go up, parents are so worried. In this case, parents to understand their children's true level-not by test scores, but by doing his usual job, much to rate, would make a more difficult question. If the child is not in the examination room for reasons such as fear that normal play to their level, they should encourage children to believe in yourself, to help children in a relaxed frame of mind to face the examination. Perhaps, for the time will soon come, you realize, my kids turned out to be so good!
Third, the child's interests and hobbies, and some children, their poor academic performance, in fact, not because they are stupid, but because they find boring, no fun. Their interests and hobbies on this one, so they are not too good.
For instance, some children, painting good! His paintings can take the city in the province of awards, but Leng let themselves and their parents could not lift his head. When MOM and dad talking about his paintings, proud tall loud noises, but don't mention the subject, mentioning the results, they began to silence is golden, waist bent, talk and no sound.
So, for such a smart kid, first telling him, as good results as you can on the other hand, is enough to prove how smart you are, can be good! So that he can have enough self-confidence to learn. Second, to combine his hobby, cultivating his interest in learning.
Some children, there exists serious phenomena of partial section, only one course. And I like this course very, very well, is, my whole year and even in the class is the first one. But other sections simply as good as there is no medicine, bad mess. Similarly, parents from his love of the subject, and helps children develop an interest in other, or combine this course, told him to other contact with the door, make him understand the importance of other sections, and began studying other subjects.
We gave some influence children's study of factors and targeted methods. I hope to help your child's grades improved. We are only valuable and welcome your views or your own parenting methods tell us.