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Security is a necessary prerequisite for children to go to school. Recent campus accidents, road accidents show that school safety education to children at an early stage is important before and after school. Parents should remind children Note: gaming security, transport security, school, school road safety, food hygiene and safety, sports safety, and so on. Family is an important place for children to learn one of the good home learning environment is particularly important. Parents can choose from many sides creating a good home learning environment for the children.
1. to prepare an independent children's learning space, can be a corner of a room or a single room, there is a small desk, a small bookcase, in a quiet, clean and tidy.
2. Select good lamp for the child: general use soft light incandescent 15-25 w, take the light on the left side, adjustable arms, lamp bulb all veils so as not to dazzle, switch safety and convenience.
3. learning readiness. School bags, pencil cases, measuring gauge, HB pencil, automatic Pencil Sharpener, erasers, and so on.
We think that: (a) new study habits early kindergarten-primary life, learn simple content in a play. But after school, is "learning", learning to classroom teaching as the basic form, on at least four or five classes a day, accounted for most of the time. But students learning a "learning system", this learning system is tight, linked together and requires every schoolchild must learn. While students learning is also a "Foundation learning", the content is the basis of knowledge and basic skills, are the basis of lifelong learning and, therefore, require students to learn not only, but also learn solid, skilled. Therefore, after entering primary school, from the habits of parents on children's culture:
1. good habits. Rule lives, early to bed and early to rise, comply with the routine of work and rest, observe kindergarten routine, civility, order items, fixed, run out of that.
2. learning habits: attentive and serious, love books and stationery, the correct reading and writing habits, and timely review, independent. Parents can also reduce TV time, quiet look at newspapers and magazines, children also learn to read their favorite book, children school, naturally used to do homework in the evening.
3. own Pack, code books, picking up pencil case, prepare equipment. Develop responsible children get used to their own little things, for establishing children's school after the confidence and independence training is also of great significance.
4. the correct grip position, and reading and writing posture, do not form a "rubber-dependent".
(B) do not take other children with their children compared to children most objectionable is that parents take their children compared with children on the other, it's easy to have a reverse psychology. In primary school, children have a strong sense of self, parents would only hurt the children. Therefore, parents must not do so. Nor of the so-called "good boy", "love child" sort of frame to hold the child. Their children are their children, according to their personality and ability to allow children to develop.
In short, every child has its own personality and individual differences, parents didn't need to bother. Child is innocent, but studies show great freshness, curiosity is strong.