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Interest in learning for students to master the knowledge plays a very important role. Want me to learn and I want to learn, the effect is different. Mathematics is a highly abstract subjects, how to stimulate the pleasure of learning, mathematics teachers in the teaching process should attach great importance to the issue. While helping students study mathematics the aim of mathematics and improve understanding of the significance and is one of the most important aspects. However, for primary schools, teachers ' classroom teaching skills are more important to rely on, is how to combine the characteristics of elementary school mathematics as a discipline, depending on the child's age, effective teaching methods to inspire and cultivate student learning math fun. So in math teaching of primary school teachers should be "fun" more Kung Fu on the issue.
, Using riddles, stories, teaching primary school children, especially younger children, willing to Riddle, listening to stories, such as seamless integration in teaching materials, use Riddle stories in the form of teaching, to inspire students ' interest in learning, can play a good role.
Second, the play icon, teaching aids, emphasis on visual thinking teaching elementary school children is thinking as the main form for a specific image of the real are interested in. Because of what specific image direct, vivid, impressive. Therefore, the current textbook teaching contents, design has a lot of intuitive diagrams, illustrated by specific physical concepts, properties, rules, formulas, and other mathematical knowledge. Doing so not only makes students more easily understand and accept, and gradually develop their ability to abstract, but also to arouse their interest in learning.
Third, through practice, arouse their teaching with a single teacher, student learning through senses, it is easy to feel tired, tired, listen to, and remember, the effect is poor. Through a variety of sensory, play good dynamic characteristics and strengths, so that they themselves do it, draw a picture, biyibi, volume one, put together a tailor, scissors cut, student motivation high, teaching is good, especially the preliminary knowledge of geometry, so that can get good results.
Four, try exercise and satisfy the curiosity of pupils ' curiosity, ambition is strong. Teachers will be based on this characteristic of the child, try to practice methods to arouse the students ' interest in learning, stimulate desire.
Five, clever rhetorical questions, stimulate learning interest in teaching is an artistic work, teachers in vivid language, proper posture and gestures, ingeniously designed a variety of heuristic problem, plays an important role in arousing students ' interest in learning. Therefore, teachers in teaching should pay great attention to your mathematical language, both in reviewing old friend when you import a new or a new class, or when consolidating knowledge, should pay attention to strong question cleverly designed to arouse the students ' interest in learning so that students have a strong desire to learn.
Six, take a variety of training methods and adapt to the attention of students ' mental instability, not lasting, for a concentrated period of time things began to disperse, not interested, like changing, this is another psychological characteristics of pupils. Therefore, teaching should be using various teaching means to transform the development of students ' interest, especially a class exercise, avoid the monotonous repetition of forms and simple machines otherwise not conducive to arousing students ' interest in learning.