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First, and school pair more of taught mode, will caused attention not concentrated of students, has opportunities do some gestures. sometimes long of, class Shang of some important knowledge points on will was missed, results on will has fell; if cycle on will defeated students of learning self-confidence and enthusiasm. in this stage, please one family teachers, one-on-one targeted of counselling, on can timely of added, training students seriously listens of habits, improve results.
Second, at present, the burden of primary and middle school students are heavy. New knowledge, and large amount of homework. For children, it is inevitable that some can not Digest anything. In this case, if you can patch up lack of knowledge in a timely manner, will make students feel learning is easy and fun, and tutoring can make up for this deficiency.
Third, teachers in the classroom, only to face most of the level and progress of students teaching, not meant to be exhaustive. And slow of thinking, ability to accept weaker students, in this case, feel listened to the lessons it is very difficult. Is often the teacher to teach a few words reflect, however, soon lost down the interest. Instead, the tutors face-to-face instruction and teaching of the students have to know before are targeted, and have room for full consideration for students, students studying in this environment, emotions can relax and learn will greatly improve efficiency.
IV poor, can enhance the learning of students ' interest and confidence. Family alone in the face of a student teaching when emotions is also very relaxed, not tense, irritable mood. And experienced language teacher will uses humor to improve students ' interest in learning. Learning is poor and most students have some inferiority, in teaching, the teacher will help them establish self-confidence. These are usually difficult to get in the classroom.
V, to correct the students ' bad study habits and enable students to master the correct way of learning. Those students, apart from the intellectual factors, mostly formed in long time of poor study habits. For parents not doing education work, it is difficult to find their children in learning some of the drawbacks. Tutors are different, they by virtue of their professional skills and rich experience, will immediately find the problem, and correct bad habits without help students, make it catch up on work at the same time, gradually acquired the right learning methods.
To a child's development, in the context of economic conditions permit, asking those who parents should pay attention to the importance of teachers and tutors is the road to success with your child at the pilot light.