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Service process
Please tutor process:
1. the parents can think Rui tutor Web site click here to enter [I want to tutor] and fill out detailed "tutoring" order, and must ensure its authenticity, and solely responsible for the authenticity of the information, we will be conducting information audits, after will display information on the Internet (parent information contained in). We will arrange for first time home tutor guidance.
2. parents can often land think sharp home network to view teacher update, attention notice information, looking for good instructors and see whether it suits your child's tutor and remembering tutor number, calls the first time tutoring Center, pointed out that its own number sequence that is selected, we will contact the relevant teacher, tutor door-to-door counselling and arrangements.
3. parents can also call the Center, indicating children's study and other related issues, so that the company intends to register the archive. And the timely help you interview, selection, evaluation, arranging family matters.
4. parents should inform the child tutor guidance, and make preparations for its first door-to-door counselling in tutor and tutor provide the appropriate learning environment and teaching establishments.
5. If the tutor teaching are not satisfied, please call the company notes are not satisfied, so that we can promptly arrange appropriate conditions of teachers on-site counselling.
6. If the tutor satisfaction for the first time, parents and teachers, please consult a tutor and tutoring contracts with the teacher.
Note: If the company tutor (teacher) in place of counselling provided by parents, forced teachers and tutors are not relevant or forced, induced teachers to do unwillingly, the morality of things, parents and relevant personnel must be responsible!