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Discussion on the effective combination of mathematics and other subjects

Life is a kaleidoscope, living everywhere in mathematics. Clearly stated in the course standard of middle school mathematics through mathematical learning in compulsory education stage, students initially learn how to apply mathematical thinking way to observation and analysis of the reality of society, and other disciplines to solve daily life problems in the learning, enhance the awareness of applied mathematics. To solve these problems, we will need to focus on integrated mathematics and other disciplines. Was not an isolated body of mathematics, mathematical knowledge is always tightly attached to the actual problem, the penetration in other disciplines, it is complementary with other disciplines, cooperate closely. Therefore, attaches great importance to comprehensive new textbook, in synthesis of quantity, has changed. In today's mathematics teaching in junior high school, everywhere the traces of other disciplines, which we also have a new teacher's knowledge structure requirements. Below I have some of my views on several aspects of this.
First, the music, the fine arts into the mathematics classroom in the teaching of music in today's, often to "Deputy head" image and ignored by everyone. In fact, if it is combined with effective of mathematics and mathematics teaching will be greatly help. In the mathematics of Zhejiang education press nine books on learning the "golden mean and golden ratio", its concepts are abstract, if would lead directly to the concept from the beginning, the student may be difficult to accept. In response to this question, at its introduction at the outset of the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci's painting of the Mona Lisa, let students marveling at the beauty of the Mona Lisa as deeply feel that this beauty is to mathematics, to stimulate students ' interest in mathematics, so this concept is no longer dull. Shang semester I school field teacher of "merged similar terms" this section class also let I impression deep, merged similar terms this section content points two part, what is similar terms, how merged similar terms, field teacher in just Shang class to a first songs find friends began, reveals has this section class of content, put similar terms Yu for friends, how find friends, and this first songs throughout whole section content, makes junior of children in easily of atmosphere in the has has learning of interest, and music also on quietly to into mathematics Hall.
II, and multimedia auxiliary mathematics teaching traditional of geometry teaching in the, often appeared teacher class told of mouth foam cross fly, and students in following listening to of smattering of situation, because only by teachers oral Shang of preaching and Blackboard Shang of Blackboard is hard reflected out situation created in the of suspense sex, and surprised sex and doubts effect, that is impossible produced strongly of sensation effect and visual contrast, cannot to students left memorable impression and caused students of note, especially in stereo geometry in the more obviously. Multimedia information technology can solve this problem, colorful images multimedia, dynamic image and sound, you can set the scene in the more vivid, more vivid, closer to life, made abstract geometrical concept closer to reality, better reflect the geometric concepts of practical, conducive to problem solving.
For example, Zhejiang education press in the grade book of math explaining the "position of the line and circle", the multi-media show animation of the sun rises in the morning, as the horizon line, the Sun as round, when it rises, happens to be explained as a line and circle the three position, for which students have a preliminary understanding of the relationship. Then with "geometry artboards" can makes line turned, produced and known round of apart, and phase cut, and intersect of various dynamic of location relationship, and in next displayed round of RADIUS (r), and dynamic of displayed Center to line of distance (d), students can at a glance of dynamic of understand to line and round of location relationship, and round of RADIUS (r) and Center to line of distance (d) of number relationship, makes students in observation experiment of while, launched round of location relationship, The distance to the center point and the radius of the circle and a straight line relationship between, part <=> R R=d, intersecting <=> d And like, in explained "projection and three views" this aspects Shi, as to traditional of abstract explained mainly, students not easy accept, and teacher also hard will its told thorough, but as can distribution Shang multimedia courseware words, light from all aspects irradiation objects, view, and left views, and overlooking figure, students see have clear, Wu of thorough, this will twice, so in Shang this a chapters Shi, I most using has multimedia teaching, will teaching in the involved of things image, and process, all content reproduction Yu class.
Third, classical languages into the classroom in the teaching of mathematics, math word problems, need language skills. Students fear most is to encounter problems in General, this type of problem usually longer, when several steps of classroom teaching, the first step is to examine the topic. To figure out the meaning, first of all language related. Language does not cross the application will not work. Mathematical applied questions on language requirements is also improved, classical narrative is common. For example, in the Zhejiang education press in the eight grade volume of the mathematical problem "this pool party Yi Zhang, Jia in the Center, and a foot in the water. Jia went to the Bank, fitness and shore, and ask the water depth, the geometry of the Jia long. "This problem combines effective language and mathematics, math classrooms boring, also integrated into the literary. In this way, classical narrative, more requirements to improve students ' comprehensive ability and cultivation of comprehensive abilities.
Four, science concept in-depth math teaching someone says, mathematical sciences are brothers, this sentence in the new textbook has been fully validated. For example. For example, in the mathematics of Zhejiang education press nine books on "inverse function" when introducing context is about the power and brightness of the light problem, two thoughts are speed and density, example in mathematics to problems in science, students interested in doubling, consolidating scientific knowledge as well as learn mathematical concepts. Example 1 example 3 selection involves two aspects of scientific knowledge, "leverage and power" issues. Problem and solution preparation, math problems, or scientific issues, was tied up. It can be said that in mathematics, scientific shadow everywhere.
Five also dabble in mathematics teaching, other one-sidedness of traditional mathematics education created a mathematical away from life, far away from the public's feeling. Real math is colorful, lively and it had real life background. From the life of mathematics can be "live" math, meaningful mathematics. For example, studies on the grade seven volumes of "rational number arithmetic", the problem with our usual game of "24 poker game" to consolidate the knowledge in this regard, effective combination of mathematics and life.
From these several ways, discipline not only opens up a new space to inspire students ' interest in learning, and reduce the distance between mathematics and life. Integrated mathematics and other subjects is the trend, is required for the course standard of middle school mathematics.
Although the number of subjects increased, other subjects to a certain extent also aided mathematics teaching, but this does not mean that other subjects in mathematics however, does not mean that mathematics will lose its original color, math class will continue to maintain its original charm.
Trust under the rational integration of different disciplines, our math classes will be more feature-rich, interest in learning mathematics student will. And feel learning math fun!