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Children of all ages and focusing on

A preschool, preschool do not ignored at this stage, although the age of the child at this time is still relatively small, but precisely at this stage is to train the child to develop good habits of the most important stages. I don't want to say too much here, just want to let everyone find a short story the secret. In 1978, 75 Nobel Prize winners gathered in Paris. About the Nobel Prize Laureate, revered, a reporter asked one of: "in your life, what you think is the most important thing in College, learned what the lab does? "
The white-haired Nobel Laureate replied quietly: "in kindergarten. "Journalists are very surprised, and asked:" why is in kindergarten? what do you think you learned in kindergarten? "
Nobel Laureate smiled and replied: "in the kindergarten, I learned a lot. For example, half of my stuff to friends; not your things don't get things neatly; wash your hands before meals; to rest after lunch; do something wrong and apologized to learn to think more carefully observe nature. I think that all the things I've learned this. "All the people present were the answer to the Nobel Prize winner broke into enthusiastic applause. In fact, most scientists believe that the most important things they learned, is a kindergarten teacher to teach them good habits.
II, and primary school stage children just into primary school stage zhihou, on learning is hold with is better of a idea of, as parents should also note to has, school by layout of job, children always without parents reminded on himself on time completed, daily to school of when also always is active, because school in children of eye in also is is novelty of a place, but with grade of growth, children increasingly not like to has, is because school variable has did? No, it's because parents demand change.
Elementary school is to develop children imagination, creativity, thinking, critical stage, but many parents on the child just learning 1, 2, 3, wanted to give their children a wide variety of extracurricular classes. Reasons varied, either because both parents are working, there is no time for children, give the child a class well supervised; but more firmly believe that "don't let your children on the starting line," "some of the other kids, my children also must have" such as creed, parents of such competition, leading to the final the their children suffer.
Actually, appropriate of select some tutorial courses, expanded children of knowledge, does is has benefits of, but must to grasp a degrees, everything "Miller", have wants to had, children face with endless of tutorial, heart is how pain and helpless, long-term such down, on will led to children weariness, lost on learning of interest, I wants to this not parents are wants to see of ending's. I must think elementary school remedial class should in order to highlight the intellectual development, skills training, because a human intelligence to complete elementary school 80% of a lifetime.
Third, junior middle school and high school common sense belonged to high school, I'm here separately, because middle and high school children in age, psychology is actually a very different. Middle School is a critical period of child development, why do you say it? Because this is not only their long golden age of knowledge, but also the best age for long body.
From primary to junior high school, many students are going to have a long adaptation period. Because primary school of when, after all knowledge of difficulty not is big, learning of subjects relative is compared less, teacher on students of management more is meticulous, even life living are to account to, and because primary school stage, himself by face of students range than smaller, so, children are always feel to himself is is excellent of, this when of psychological is compared confidence of, but rose into junior high school Hou on different has.
First, the subjects increased, difficulty increases, such as physics, chemistry, history, politics, student, seemed to increase in many disciplines, and feeling a bit overwhelmed.
Secondly, teacher to student management is no longer a child that "nanny" type of way, but gradually begin to exercise the child's autonomy, independence. This time, children from the primary school stage, does not adapt, think teachers don't seem to care about themselves.
Third, the elementary school when the teacher's job is specific, such as first, second, and so on very specific topics, but school is not, teachers often leave some "read the text" and "prepare a lesson the next word" and other such soft jobs, which in the eyes of some students, like not work. But, these soft of job precisely is class Qian of a must of prepared stage, if prepared compared full, so class of when on will feel very smooth, if prepared not is full, is class of when on will left a a of small stumbling block, over time, not understand of place increasingly more, on will led to yihou increasingly listening to not understand, such cycle down, results certainly also on plummeted has.
Finally, changes in students ' confidence. Rose into junior high school Hou, students of learning degree has has gap, in primary school stage may also no performance out obviously of gap to, but to has middle school stage, because all reasons, led to everyone on knowledge of recognized, and accept degree not as, results natural also on separate has a level, again plus this when just in students of adolescent, also to face tests of pressure, so children of self-confidence is easy by combat.
Four high school compared to middle school, and high school, but also a new beginning, as well as an extension, whether on a number of subjects, difficulty, still is on the learning requirements, there is a high demand, and this time with the increase of age, puberty problems encountered by students more and more. But this stage students are obviously already psychologically more mature, working more on my mind. So this time, as parents must never again play previous "yiyantang", but rather flat attitude, equal with the child, because this time they have basic self-care ability and sound judgement. Maybe parents are not used at this time, that child is not mature, still refused to let go, or is it like a child, laksa and watch, but it will only make the child has lost his abilities and caused a reversal. Entrance on all of high school students are is a severe of test, a has sense of high school students in entrance before often will bear with overweight of pressure, so parents can do of should is help students reduce burden and not increased pressure, but I found many parents do not to this is, most put himself of anxiety into more big of pressure passed on to himself of children, many children because to bear overweight pressure and effect to learning efficiency even appeared psychological problem.
From the above we can see that, in fact, in the face of children at the same time, also from methods, adjust their attitudes, expectations and other, but also to refrain from competition. Actually everything less than children can grow up healthy, especially mental health is more important. A successful person is first and foremost a healthy people, a healthy person is first and foremost a man of mental health.