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Focus on East-West: talk about creativity

Remember daughter United States out of kindergarten, won the so-called diploma. Each child also has a special certificate, some "imaginative", and some "best storyteller Award" daughters are "the most creative award" (Most Creative Reward). Parents were very proud of, but I can't help laughing at: 5 children, but graffiti, know what to create?
To the son to preschool, something had happened to me was very emotional. That teacher assignments are two pieces of thick paper, cut out a fire engine and a fire station. When I was checking my homework, watching his son with a piece of paper to cut out a crooked car contours and not round the wheel, and then glued together, painted color. Although not very nice, but like a car. But the fire station made me scratching their heads: son laying off other case it thoroughly from start to finish, only one is painted the color of the outside.
I asked him: "your fire station? "My son said:" this is it. "I lived with that almost nothing of the paper still does not understand:" aren't you doing at school? This is not you cut the rest of the paper's head? "The son anxious:" this is what I do, fire station! "Finally we could not convince anyone. I have no alternative: "what do you call it? Teachers how to say it to you tomorrow! "
Son comes back the next day, I immediately asked the teacher to his fire station in how to evaluate? Until son said: "the teacher said I did well, very creative! "
Ah? I have some faint. Such a piece, but also creativity? I picked up my son's fire engines and fire station, seriously thinking up some understand this unusual thinking of 5-year-olds, adults is difficult, that's not creativity, and what do you call it?
Think of a story I heard in China before. Say some researchers in university students, secondary school students, primary school and kindergarten kids doing the same experiment. Test is very simple, is to draw a circle on the Blackboard and ask people from different age groups this is what?
College students see this simply could not be more simple question, there's no one answer, they are afraid of being laughed at his silly; in the Middle group, some students are holding a compass and a ruler to measure, however, is that no one dares to say what group of pupils, some people are asking: is do a circle? While in kindergarten, had the answer right away, and very different things: "is an egg! "," Is a head! "," Is a round cake! "," Is a...... "
Experimental results allow researchers to very mixed feelings: such a simple graphic, why is the older, more knowledge, more poor imagination? Our imagination how they lost it?
At all times and, when it comes to education, we all acknowledged the importance of education. When it comes to the purpose of education, but there is a big difference between East and West. Oriental education focused on understanding, unity, respect for the former. In the West were often denied education in former Maverick.
In ancient Chinese culture, the teacher is defined as: "teacher, proselytizes", and no part of the guidance, encouragement and development of students. Students used to passively accept everything from the authority of knowledge, unified teaching material, all in order to test the spoon-feeding education system, let us have a familiarity with many child prodigies and geniuses, but left the book and fixed mode, their thinking ability and freedom was severely restricted. And parents often "horizontal" compared to their own children, always "How do people get 100, how do you get 90" reprimand children's self-esteem and therefore suffered some degree of damage.
In the United States that there was no unified teaching materials, children can choose most of the room. In addition to culture, children have classes every day, including paper-cutting, cooking, pottery, and often go to visit some farms, museums, Aquarium, Zoo activities. Can also select Orchestra and a sports project "playing". "Edutainment" seems to be in the United States interpretation of the school can be more fully.
Children are free to play space is much bigger, teachers never to restrain our strange freakishness. After reading a book, there is no uniform "idea", but according to their own understanding of the description or drawing a picture. Students are encouraged and affirmed, "vertical", who, always on the move, so they can believe in themselves.
Maybe United States child's performance at school is often not as Asian children, but they acted, significantly on the ability to win, independent living and integrate into society as an adult would be more mature.
Weekend get-together with friends, when we often with an exclamation point, always feel that today's children are "poor", they have too much to learn: the piano and violin, Ballet, dance, skating, karate or painting ... ... Blow playing skills, parents wanted their children to learn. There are also lessons, classes, workshops, in reading and writing lessons, SAT ... ... Enter the e-age, knowledge of "vertical Alliance" brought information technology leap, children are even trying to learn, can't keep up with updating of the knowledge.
They like when we were little, no problem, "Duck", on the bird's nest tree, picking Mulberry leaves, dig in the dirt ... ... Monkey play until dark. That's my childhood Ah!
Sigh after parents have bid farewell to: time to go tomorrow, children also have Chinese, Li hasn't memorized it!