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Children take the first step

Speech, learning to walk, eat, learn to write, many of each child first and which one is not alien to explore? However to take the courageous step, parent company of great power, reducing their upset of the new environment.
Elementary school first grade students, parents should know they are disturbing to the new environment, rather than forced to grow, and give them a little time to get used to, used to accompany and guide children through!
The new academic year begins, a 7-year old child, entered a new stage of life, they will face the changes, might look like this:
1. learning in the crowded cafeteria food, is also likely to buy less food.
2. learning in the 20-minute break, rushed to the toilet at the speed of light.
3. learn to adapt to a different teacher.
4. learning to pack it.
5. the long rise of copying the Blackboard.
6. learn how to cope with sudden heavy homework.
7. learning coupled with more student groups.
8. learn how to get the time to do your own thing, such as having fun.
Adults adapt to so many new things at the same time, as long as the psychological preparation and ample time, in fact, is not difficult. But for a 7 year old is pending development of children is more than many new things, how much time do you think you need to adapt?
One week? Two weeks? Or a month? As parents you, give the child time to get used to new things, fear of strangers become familiar with that can be mastered?
Don't think that's going to be a newcomer in primary schools is an easy thing, you know how many children lack of adaptation, and fear to go to school? Promoted to first grade, is an important test in children's learning experience, started well as helped children with happy learning the foundations of adaptation may cause children fear going to school.
Parents, afraid of encounters "child refuses to go to school" this headache problem?
Hope in the absence of the present school, you have the opportunity to change the outcome, carefully helping children through fear of a new environment, so that they can be happy going to school!