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Alert your child's learning fatigue

Final exams, make the final dash ready to have your children, hoping to get a good result, happy new year. But at this point, parents to be more vigilant child tired of learning, guiding children scientific brain, gentle exams, treated in an objective manner.
At present, the fatigue in primary and middle school students in learning is a relatively common phenomenon. Fatigue refers to children in so-called learning continuous learning after the emergence of a physiological and psychological state, often appear to slow brain, head pain or numb, distracted, slow thinking, emotional instability, and so on.
Caused children learning fatigue of reasons many, as learning burden overweight, job too much, tension fierce of competition led to pressure had big and led to learning fatigue; or learning way method rigid, and not live sets, led learning is long time, but learning efficiency is not optimistic; or on learning lack interest, with conflict of mood, bite do, results caused psychological of fatigue, natural learning effect also poor; or due to brain nutrition supply insufficient, makes brain produced "hunger" type fatigue and so on.
Fatigue on the children's mental and physical growth of a great deal of harm, easily lead to child psychological and physical diseases. As a parent, what should we do to alert the child's learning fatigue?
First of all, parents should be more concerned about children as life's physical and mental health, for kids to create a comfortable and pleasant family atmosphere and learning environment. Try to eliminate fatigue symptoms of children learning.
If parents find that their children have to learn symptoms such as fatigue, wanting to understand clearly the child is learning the cause of fatigue, so "right", to help children overcome learning fatigue.
• Parents try not to add additional burden to the child, deprivation of children's rest and recreation, too much playing time.
• Optimal learning methods, improve the efficiency of learning. Help your child understand the knowledge, foster learning, inductive skills, guide your child to use some formula, jingles and other relaxing forms of ago points, and so on.
• Develop good study habits. Let children fall into the good habit of not procrastinating, do today do, accomplish their tasks in a timely manner; develop a habit of previewing, review, and after a period of learning to be a summary, to consolidate and reduce the amount of final exam review task. Work done in the usual learning, you can very well avoid the occurrence of fatigue before an exam.
• Establish a peaceful state of mind, objective test. Help children overcome psychological stress, or too "strong" and "competition" psychology, child calm, steady character, let the children understand the meaning and purpose of the examination, then objective examinations.
• Good learning objectives, training the learning interest. Interest is the best teacher of children learning the skills, thus stimulating children's interest in learning, the child can make a conscious, active learning. Parents have to go through a variety of means, such as preaching, in the game to develop children's interest in learning, helping children learn good study partners, as a model for children, inspire children and so on, so that the child in life learning as a playmate.
• Scientific brains, work and rest. A time not too long, according to every child to learn the case may be, for your child's learning time segment, each certain time, exercise, or lifted up their eyes Afar, or do some light physical activities, and so on.
• Proper nutrition and sleep. Parents to make their child's logistical support, reasonable diet to meet nutritional requirements of the brain. But also to ensure children sleep, the brain receives the necessary rest.