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Education can also be pengsha kids

Now education popular, growing child confidence, but impractical, raising praise may be counterproductive. Yesterday, at the second session of the China education science in the City Forum, Central Institute of education postdoctoral Ma Yanyun reminder that excessive appreciation would inhibit students ' learning.
Ma Yanyun, through its own study found that teacher suitable comments will stimulate students ' learning motivation and mobilize their enthusiasm, but inappropriate comments will have the opposite effect.
"One example I encountered during the investigation. "Ma Yanyun said Jiangsu had a student from one school to another school, never adapted to the process of adaptation, the child's grades have a certain amount of progress, found by the teacher, praised him in front of the class, said he still has a lot of progress. But then, this recognition brings huge pressure on his grades took a nose dive, dropped out of school due to continued learning.
"Some kids need praise, but some children will be praised as pressure. In fact, teacher reviews different according to each child's personality, psychological characteristics, such as age and gender, but not generally in a way that treats all students. "Ma Yanyun said.
Ma said she found in the investigation, even those who like to praise students have different needs, some hope the teacher praised for his efforts, others want the teacher to praise his intelligence, some hope completed a homework be praised, some hope after has achieved excellent examination results be praised ... ... Only at the appropriate time, select the appropriate language to criticize, praise or encourage students to maximize their learning, helping them to achieve self-goals.