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Teach your child science brain

Every parent wants their children to have a brilliant mind, but often fail to find practical methods to make their children more intelligent. Below, overview of domestic and foreign experts concluded the brain experiences for parents ' reference.
Not be used continuously for a long time the brain psychology research, healthy children if your brain for 30 minutes, blood glucose concentration above 120 mg, when the brain responds quickly, have long memories. If your brain for 90 minutes, blood glucose concentration was lowered from 80 mg or so, brain function is normal. If the continuous use 120 minutes, blood sugar dropped to about 60 mg, unresponsive, poor thinking. If continuous use for 210 minutes, blood sugar will drop to about 50 mg, then dizziness, headaches, temporary loss of ability to work. Therefore, should not be used for a long time the brain.
Divide the students into two groups and asked two groups of students learning the same content, but asked a group of students get 5-minute break in the Middle, and requires continuous study, another group of students not to rest. Results showed that memory of the rest of a group of students than the rest of the memory of a group of students 22%. Description in the middle of learning, if you can pay attention to proper rest, you can eliminate the brain fatigue, reduced forget.
Generally, pupils do their homework or reading time should not be continuously for more than half an hour to 1 hour.
Suitable for facial features, hands, brain and to participate in the study it was found that learning the same content, if only Visual and acceptable 20%; if using auditory, acceptable 15%; If audio-visual and acceptable 50%. Describing the learning using a variety of sensory organs to participate can significantly improve the efficiency of learning.
In particular, the study should pay attention to the following points:
1, observe. Want to study well, you must observe. Observation of the more detailed the better, at the time of observation. memory should be strengthened.
2, think more. Thinking is the best way to get exercise the brain, having trouble learning to think about why.
3, listen. Listening can contribute to auditory nerve cells of the brain functions. can make a person more sensitive, to learn better.
4, read more. To read is to read, hard to read, it is better if you can take notes.
5, move more. Do more detailed craft activities such as painting, can also raise the level of human intelligence.
6, said. Say can boost brain development, brain functions, such as making speeches or reading is better.
Appropriate to different kinds of learning content to stagger the child at the time of learning, different kinds of learning content will become an excitement in different areas of the cerebral cortex. Learning arithmetic, an excitement may be formed in a region of the cerebral cortex, learning English, you form a exciting point in another area of the cerebral cortex. So if a long time to learn the same content will inevitably increase their cerebral cortex nerve cells of a given region load, if they can learn different learn playing, you can make the different regions of the cerebral cortex nerve cells work in turns, getting adequate rest, to learn better.
Everyone, we all have a "best brains", and some children the morning brain is particularly sensitive, best memory, while others are most clear nights, learning works best. Parents should be aware of and take advantage of the child's "best brains", to improve children's learning.
Should keep adequate sleep is the way the rest of the brain, only enough sleep can cause the brain to reduce fatigue and keep working. Therefore, should arrange the child's sleep time, make the child sleep well and get enough sleep. Don't burn the midnight oil, so as not to affect the child's sleep.
Should be an adequate supply of nutrients when a child is nervous to learn, will consume nutrients that are too heavy, if not added, it may cause the brain to be damaged. Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals can ensure normal brain metabolism needs. Therefore, children should be eating the appropriate animal and plant proteins, such as meat, poultry, seafood, soy products, suitable to eat fresh vegetables, fruits, vitamins and fructose.