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Class curriculum by jammed not the teacher became a decoration psychology class to go away?

After the reform, originally fixed class of mental health course was "squeeze" schedules, have been busy counseling rooms are cold, high school students don't even know the school psychology teacher, even psychological teacher I feel dispensable. Recently, the reporter found some high school in Wuhan, after the reform, psychology classes become embarrassing.
Hankou, a provincial-level demonstration high school psychology teacher, told reporters that in the past, has always focused on the students ' mental health education in schools, high school senior has a psychology lesson every two weeks. In addition, the school also often take extra time to arrange the teacher lectures for the students. The head of school counseling rooms also says that in the past, students have encountered psychological confusion, were happy to a consulting room teacher FAQ. But now, counseling rooms become "empty". "After the reform, psychology classes were cancelled. "The teacher said, according to the new curriculum reform curriculum, and no specialized psychological lessons. Only and is for high school psychology of physical education and health course. Moreover, in the course of sports knowledge is the main mental health component is more refined. According to the scheduling, high mental health to wait at least a semester to go to.
Is more embarrassed teachers, Wuhan City education departments, teachers to participate in curriculum training before they can post. But since no psychological training content of curriculum reform, this summer, Wuhan teachers had to "make up" for the physical education teachers participating in the training of the physical education and health.
Reporters at a demonstration in Wuhan City high school senior I interview the classroom door. When asked by reporters whether students know the school has teachers, that many of the students shook his head doubtfully. "Ever heard of a talk after school" this issue, all the students say in unison, "no". The school's vice principal said, since the new term began, classes have been very tight, so did not schedule a talk time, school does not remind new students take the initiative to a counseling room.
In the interview, most psychology teacher said that currently more and more high school students all kinds of mental confusion, if not resolve, the consequences would be unthinkable.