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Exam Training Survey: class class varied million insured suspicion

Civil service exam October 31, Henan province ended on November 29, national civil service exam countdown. Record high popularity of civil service examination, along with the emergence of civil service exams training business is hot. Reporters found, Zhengzhou city, on the size of civil service exam training institutions now only 15 or so. These flyers on the curricula of training institutions offering more variety, "basic", "intensive", "class", "Sprint", "elite class", "class", "agreement", "closed", and so on. Reporters found that breast bet many training institutions, setting up so-called "class", that is guaranteed to pass, but a refund! Cost is also thousands of tens of thousands of Yuan.
This is a even the insiders can understand market. This "class" what is the mystery? Why is it so expensive? Recently, this reporter conducted a market survey.
"Insured" poster is filled with College on November 5, the journalist came to Zhengzhou University, Henan University of Finance and Economics, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou Institute of aeronautical industry management and other colleges and universities, found the enormous poster of civil servant training, everywhere, including some training bodies to play "agreement."
Immediately reporter to candidates identity came to Zhengzhou a road of two home training institutions, here staff said so-called of "agreement insurance had class", is exam counselling institutions not red mouth white teeth, oral Shang said said, but in black and white, prior signed has agreement, candidates make had 10,000 to 15,000 yuan ranging of costs Hou, guarantee through written and interview, test not Shang refund, only charged part business costs. "Our ' million ' is not a year for two years, but for many years, is credibility, otherwise is not a business for such a long time. "One of the heads of training institutions vowed that.
On the training of high charges for, the official said, it sounds expensive, in fact, not expensive, starting strong teachers, unlike other training institutions, small dramatic troupes would like interim a little bit, to students, "we focus on reputation, but refunds. In addition, our teachers are the most outstanding senior trainers, experienced, bet the questions several times. " Talk about the pass rate, various training agencies also vary, some say as high as 98%, while some said as the candidates the case may be, but also guarantee not less than 80%.
Candidates for "class" dubious class boasted by the training institutions have to weave his magic, but their actual guidance effect is really true? The author of "public test" students learned from the Forum through an experienced counselling, "interview protocol class (class) advocacy of teaching in small classes, one-on-one mentoring, and what was the result? Class teaching two classes into one, a total of about 70 people, the teacher spent two days to talk about a variety of templates, followed by 3 days of group exercises, due to too many people, were guided by the teacher. Later, ten people in our group through a single, final adoption of the entire class and I don't have the exact statistics, but estimated that should be 20%~30%. "
Zhengzhou University, who participated in many civil service exams, but also through the training of students, interview protocol classes have the effect, but not so amazing, refund is also fishy taste of some word games, feels like the dumb man eating the Berberine, not bitter, failed money refunded part, but still pretty bad.
"I feel for those who participate in the civil service for the first time in this class for interviewing candidates, can learn a lot of common sense, but really high standards through short-term training, difficult. Not only sustenance at the bottom, keeping the medium level, really through, still mainly rely on their own. "Henan Institute of finance and one of the candidates said.
Zhengzhou air hospital said one candidates who attended regular classes, I never considered big money "insured." "I think it's not worth it not worthwhile questions, just think I spent so much worth it. And the ' class ' teacher and not much different from regular class teacher, this are very few teacher training institutions, or their own efforts is important. "
Zhengzhou Institute of light industry, the reporter did a random survey of 50 students, for "class" high costs, 85% per cent of the candidates said it could not accept. "General course may 6 day price of eight hundred or nine hundred accept, 6 days more than 10,000 yuan is too far! "They think.