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Brand training institutions frequently fail "closed door" test market

"Failed door" test training market cold, finally in 2009 is end of when swept training market: following October end of "Centennial old shop" spirit grid wind and Swiss to two home well-known English training institutions suddenly failed zhihou, last week, engaged in "one-on-one" tutorial of paper road education again stuck "failed door", a night Zhijian deserted, million tuition unaccounted for, and for "pay" of is those innocent of students and parents. According to industry sources, is affected by many factors influence education and training market competition this year, training institutions in the Haidian District, only being eliminated during the year there were hundreds of people. With the "post-crisis" era of, the next couple of years, the education and training market will quickly shuffle, is not only a "grass-roots", a group of old like Linguaphone, and ruilai stores, shops could not escape the fate of being eliminated. Therefore, students and parents in the school must pay the other tight risk awareness this string.
Brand agency caused by several reasons out in 2009, why brand training institutions frequently fall into the "closed door"?
Chen Xiangdong analysis, there is no doubt that the brunt of the financial crisis on white-collar. So, like the Linguaphone, ruilai and other white-collar workers as the main target group of high-end training has also been a knock-on effect. However, the financial crisis just training frequency are "closed door" a trigger for deeper reasons than this. First, along with the rapid development of the market, sharp expansion in training institutions, only at the top end of the English training market, there are several strong brands "grab turf", the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Second, from the business model, a number of training institutions chose to fast-growing franchise, but due to lack of talent, selection, monitoring, and in terms of faculty, services to meet consumer demand. Once the requirements are not met, it is easy to produce student crisis, media, crisis, and formation training institutions own existential crisis. Third, from the management view, high-end training program in point usually choose those convenient high-class office buildings, resulting in input costs are too high, business is unsustainable. In addition, a considerable number of training bodies, including bodies are "family" Administration, lack of competitive salaries, benefits, and other work are not in place to attract and retain talent, these are restricting the development of education and training institutions, even important factors eventually led to the strikes.
Said Li Fengxue, current education and training sector there are a number of "bubbles", "Shuffle" is inevitable, is a must. Those "spick" training institution, only looking at short-term gains, pure advertising, eyeballs to attract students, and ignored the most important and essential things, must have been eliminated. Essence has been described as "slow" brand, focused on how to improve the teaching career achievements. Financing, joining and cooperation matters, elite have resisted "run" and "enclosure" temptations, adhere to the "stable" change to win. Ultimately proved only for students and improve their performance to create reputation, brand, is fundamental to survival and development. And the "wealth effect" and "hot money" brought about by the "mirage" will not last long.
Jinxin argues, both LGs wind, reliance, or road education, fall into the "closed door" is the root cause of their "embarrassing" – small agencies workshop of flexible mechanisms, small good turn around the ship, and large organizations have accumulated enough brand, capital, have sufficient ability to resist risks. By contrast, small scale education and training institutions, the situation "embarrassing", faced a financial crisis when the storm hit, once a source can not be guaranteed, it is easy to fall into the financial crisis, eventually being eliminated.
Education and training industry faced "giant" controversy "the next 20 years, the domestic market will remain 20% growth in more than a year. Therefore, more and more entrants, followed the competition will be more intense. "Chen Xiangdong said the next year or two, the most competitive high school personalized" one-on-one "training. In addition, training for primary school students in English, art, traditional examination or postgraduate training will be in competition, "populated areas", and the network, video and other emerging training modules will have a powerful impact on traditional high-end English training, more intense competition.
Jinxin agreed that, under normal conditions, education and training sector accelerate the trend of shuffling will become more and more obvious. "One to one" personalized counseling, for example, at present these institutions and original educational institutions, such as the competition has become the "big wigs" competition between, the bar has been raised to a certain level of participation in competition, so medium-size organizations will face a great challenge. This "giant" disputes in areas such as English, IT is also equally true.
Rational choice concerns several elements Li Feng suggested that when choosing a training institution, there must be "the other", attention to several factors: first, teachers, teacher in screening a corporation, in addition to the focus on the teacher's name – Super, senior, note also that these teachers are in class or just the front man. Second, Word of mouth, Word of mouth is the students, parents, "pass out", rather than money to "buy". Advises parents to ask relatives, friends, classmates, colleagues and students, if this guidance is really "strong" will rave. Third, management, counseling agencies, founder, management of education, exam rules have an in-depth study. More importantly, the learning environment, learning environment for students and other hardware facilities are secure. Four are "efficacy", achievements, capabilities are improved, this is a hard.
Chen Xiangdong said that, in General, training institutions are faced with a financial crisis before the collapse, but students could be obtained "inside information". In order to avoid risks, advises students to select a start time length on the one hand, large institutions, especially "faucet", for their own interest is much more secure. If the school closes down, activist program to start as soon as possible.
Jinxin also reminded, for its own protection, it is recommended that students and parents should not barge tuition, especially not because of price discounts pay two or three years of tuition fees to the maximum to avoid risk and their own interests.