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Capital Normal University College of Cape refuge in dormitory fire girl out of the window in the morning

12th about 6 in the morning, at Yufa town, Daxing corder College of capital Normal University student's dormitory fire. Fire fighters fire at the same time, the two girls rescued, trapped in a window.
Yesterday morning around 6, in room 414 c corder College of capital normal university students ' apartments, sleeping in a sophomore student of Chu was the acrid smell of smoke woke up, she found the water dispenser on fire near the dormitory door, next to the improvised wardrobe ignited, the fire spread rapidly. Chu and roommate quickly got out of bed, small, dense smoke forced two people out of the window, stood on the edge of the window sill. It is understood that the 414 rooms within the 4 college girls, because it is the weekend, hostel and only two of them. After the incident, the girl next door immediately notify Lou Guan, and kicking 414 door "in front of the fire is not burning, we were rushed out by them, they hide on the window sill to move. Spread of the fire door is then sealed. "
Yufa fire squadrons of firefighters wearing breathing apparatus broke into the dormitory blaze fire and rescued trapped girl. It is understood that the two girls, only one person was slightly injured. Due to excessive shock, the two men then received psychological treatment.