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Beijing rose early policy: children of immigrants without taking local schools

Yesterday, the City Board of education released this year in compulsory school, junior high and elementary school schedule was formalized. Policies put forward this year, in Beijing accompanying children of the migrant workers will enjoy exemption of vicinity with Beijing students, ensuring that every migrant children school. Luo Jie, Deputy Director of the Board, said that the city will strive to 3-5 years to enjoy compulsory education of migrant children "City". At that time, in addition to the exemption out of vicinity, push the participation of migrant children will also enjoy excellent, talented, computer allocation policy, and these benefits just before Beijing children can enjoy.
Policy exemption to local schools remained stable up policy at the beginning of this year still insist on exemption and the principle of vicinity, specific detailed rules for the implementation by the County is responsible for development and implementation. 6 years of age (born before August 31, 2004), and has a permanent residence in this city's school-age children are enrolled. Has permanent residence in the city of primary school graduates, arranged by the County Board to public middle school continues to receive compulsory education.
City lines, spokesman of the Board said, compulsory admission policies should not be changed every year, leading to social and masses in a State of anxiety and avoid unnecessary volatility. Similar to previous years, boarding school, private school admissions, sports science and technology students enrolled and the building entrance ways remain in the file. Enjoy without taking the nearest student residence students in the city, according to this account 8 children, enterprises and families as well as children with disabilities and in Beijing accompanying children of the migrant workers will also be included. Meanwhile, the children of martyrs, students from Taiwan, and overseas Chinese children, active military personnel, national labor model children identification of students will be given care under the same conditions.
Procedures of foreign children apply for a registration card to school according to the statistics, at least 98,000 this year in primary school enrolment, primary school graduates to 104,000 people, taking into account the part of the Beijing migrant children school, junior high school enrollment more than 104,000 people. According to General estimates, small junior a year will have about 30,000 migrant children.
Accompanying children of the migrant workers to Beijing and Beijing students enjoy the same exemption to local schools is a new highlight in this year's policy. According to the regulations, eligible children of migrant workers in Beijing should first have the actual residence and obtain a temporary residence permit, this account to make sure it wasn't "Black households", and then to the Government residence to receive foreign children enrolled card, card for admission.
Luo Jie, Deputy Director of the Board, introduced, the County Government will ensure that every visitor to Beijing on the migrant children have to learn. Due to the different districts and educational resources, the number of migrant population, the measures taken are not the same, Xicheng District migrant population is relatively small, children of immigrants to participate in the public schools of the allocation of places by computer, and in some of the local population and foreign populations are more counties you need step by step, gradually eased. "Plan by 3-5 years to solve this problem, treatment, in the same city in the same class learning and common development is the ultimate goal. "
Protect public schools must first receive health obligations this year's educational mission of public schools are required to undertake the task of dicing enrolled. District Board of education in the development of the district school programme of work, for our obligations for each of the educational mission of the school district and country, delineating the entrance areas, ensuring students are enrolled in the vicinity. All students within the elementary and middle schools must first receive services.
In addition, aimed at parents concerned about the allocation of places by computer issues how to ensure fair, transparent, Luo Jie introduces specific operating rules developed by the districts and counties of the determined implementation of the allocation of places by computer, such as invite parent representatives, Deputies supervise, notarization of allocation results and so on.
Electronic school register limited floating across the district's Education Committee asked, this year the district, schools must be strictly in accordance with the Municipal Commission of education announced the schedule spanned formalities, shall apply overdue. Strict control of floating across the district, electronic school register to enhance the trans-regional flow of disorder student admission procedures of approval and oversight.
As a rule, district enrollment and school departments are not free to schools enrolling students who have been admitted to other schools, nor for their electronic student status. Plan enrollment and schools organize super super class for teaching, in strict accordance with the 40 class for the standard plan, a condition to launch small class teaching experiment.