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Discussion on how to improve the teaching results

I taught for four years, has accumulated some experience and four years in a row made a township equal ranked at the same level of achievements in teaching. How to improve the teaching results, have the following in my humble opinion.
First, the strong quality.
Efforts to improve their own quality, with an open mind to learn from faculty members. New primary school has a teaching collective of solidarity, while the teacher in each class, and flexible teaching means. In the reform of teaching and research, I try to put my many ideas with each Exchange of teachers involved in teaching and research, accept all criticism and correction, which can improve their teaching quality. When other teachers will explain, listen and note, and advanced teaching thoughts and efforts into their own thing, so as to enrich their teaching experience.
Second, four seriously, that is, serious lessons, lectures, grade the homework carefully, serious student.
Serious preparation is the basis of classroom teaching, the main premise of teaching quality. Insisted on teaching time, summary, improving back-back. Each end of a lesson to reflect after-class summary. For later when detours.
Teaching is an important part of improving classroom teaching carefully. Our teachers speaking good of each class.
Serious homework, how student work is to check the teaching effect of the sign. Change the job of teachers to students, surface modification, is a very good way. Each question on the work of each student, first pointed out to students and give their analysis wrong, and let the students correct mistakes, same day settlement, not in arrears, particularly students, must be the day to digest.
Serious counselling students. Different counselling approach to different students, those students receiving ability, textbook homework not done, give them some more difficult exercises, appropriate and then leave some comprehensive job, let them "eat", and they plan to open up new areas. For students, allow them to "eating well", have the necessary knowledge of teaching materials. To accept poor, weak students, individual counselling, using their spare time to explain, they enjoy special privilege, allow them to "eat". Let them "eat less, more points" to enhance their learning, or to the students find the pair, applauds group one, grab both ends with middle, reached full flower.
Third, improving classroom teaching.
Teaching quality of schools, teachers and parents are most concerned about an issue, also related to the student's personal development, improve academic performance is an important issue.
1,         students.
Interest is the best teacher, have a strong interest, students will take the ecstasy to make students change from passive to active, raise learning motivation, arouse their enthusiasm.
2, teach methods of learning, capacity-building.
Teacher's job is not only to impart knowledge to the students, more important is to teach students how to learn, how to "knowledge", "knowledge". I usually take this approach in Chinese teaching: "Preview – and listen – to question--exercise-development". That is: "read------reading--wrote". First reading first reading, he will not record, next class prepared. The second step, get it. The third step, to speak in class, said his own opinions, experiences, exchange of questions. Step and then reading the text, recalling summed up what they have learned. Last, and ability to adhere to hand. This clever design, good mining, motherhood, step by step. Students continue to accumulate knowledge, ability and improve performance.
Four, teaching methods, focus on classroom management.
Classroom teaching is the basic form, is the key link to complete the teaching task. Teaching quality is good or bad, depends, to a large part of classroom management. I'm teaching a new lesson, pupils ' age, characteristics such as low self-control, tries not to let students watching textbooks and lectures, do something unified. For example, when you listen, don't let students read textbooks, through the teacher's explanations, improving practice, means to achieve results. After the new finish, then lets the student uniform open textbooks which page, what information Windows, that is today about new knowledge. In action as he exercises unified teacher visits the class questions, feedback information through recycling, to confirm whether this lesson have been teaching. If it is found that most students are more a question wrong, then asked the students to put down the pen, (this time to give students more time) once again listen to the teacher explaining. A lesson even if it is less about a few questions, do fewer exercises, and let the student focus and unity.
Therefore, in order to make better class teaching management, you must take the right approach to management. For instance, distractions, students complain, I stepped off the platform, next to his seat for a few moments and to call attention to, or look at the students about 10 seconds, and it is also a warning to other students. In class, the teacher's eyes fall upon each student's, students who do not concentrate on listening, to remind, brought to the attention of students and corrected.
Finally, understanding textbook, teaching plan, training in understanding and fostering a sense of class, writing habits, strengthening customary practice, and can also improve performance. In short, the Organizer, guide teachers as classroom teaching, analysis of attitudes to science students, research students, further into the student to understand and actually improve student achievement, so as to improve teaching performance.
Satisfactory achievements in teaching, a lot of ways, I have been fumbling.