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Ten taboos of parents and analysis

At the entrance exam every year Sprint, many parents are anxious, not knowing what to do for children. Then, some parents in accordance with their own ideas to "make a difference", while ignoring the real needs of children, and made some "worse" thing. Therefore, here I would like to summarize some of the past, according to the survey exam taboo talk, telling students the most annoying things, along with related analyses. Hope parents take caution:
1, parents were always nagging words similar to the following: (this kind of talk a lot, not enumerated, in short, anything in moderation, don't nag. ) A)       last-minute, hold on, (prone to "Finish" effect, lose heart function) b)       don't be nervous, (but easily suggest that tension) c)       answer check carefully, don't throw old white, (containing condemned ingredients Easily reverse) d)       come on, make or break and (lead to "pressure" effects) e)       have a few days left, hurry to read; (lecture component, easily lead to antagonistic) f)       me tell you, Go to University is done in your life, (with threat components, easily lead to antagonistic) 2, too quiet at home, everyone like a thief, (for overly sensitive classmate, will cause on the examination easier on the sound is too sensitive. ) 3, buy me a variety of supplements and forced me to eat, and even said to take my energy and (don't force children to, or just the opposite. Supplements are very limited! ) 4, always compare me to others, so I do like someone, (Sprint, pay attention to the child's emotional stability; in addition, everyone has their own way of learning, the scholar of learning is not for everyone. ) 5, does not allow me to participate in any sports and leisure activities (recommendation students walking and jogging, not to take part in competitive sports such as football and basketball games. ) 6, always suspect I have anxiety problems and (moderate tension is normal and healthy. ) # 7, parent fighting for things my college entrance examination, (family test of college entrance examination, parents should unite together, father menopause and puberty to play mediator role and try to buffer the stress and anxiety of the mother. ) 8, with money to put pressure on me, for example: If you read, we still have to spend tens of thousands of, (don't let parents ' emotions into your child's anxiety before an exam. ) 9, is always asking my practice test scores, asked me how many points you can get, (communication with the child should be based on voluntary, based on the relaxed, happy. ) 10, still went to school looking for teachers to understand the situation. (More trust a child, give him encouragement. ) Listed above are the candidates generally disliked something, it can be said, parents made good plays opposite results. Parents want to help their child out of a force of mood is understandable, but for a child, you may want to talk with him, know what he want, if they made it clear that does not need any, then the best thing you can do for him is as usual, do not have anything special. Kids college entrance examination in a happy mood, and all the best!