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Articles by State line heavy difficulty experts predict the retest will increase

2012 postgraduate national line on March 30, 2012 at 15 o'clock finally have the Ministry of education website. In articles (micro-blog) page to see if they are online at the same time desperately brush, postgraduate teacher also in the micro-blog for this year's State line was simple analysis and reviews. Most of the teachers were of the view that 2012 examination scores generally lower, but the candidates do not forsee, step on the line and the line of candidate qualifications to confirm whether a second interview, or take the time to adjust.
Meanwhile, SINA grind station education channel Twitter survey data shows that most of the candidates have passed the national line. But seen from candidates Twitter buzz, line through the country of the candidates were not "happy." Candidates worried about scores a general decline, does that mean retest of greater pressure, is not easy. Following is a teacher and friends Twitter buzz national line:
Teacher tweets reviews:
@ Ruan Ye (micro-blog): the national mark has finally been published, prepared the second interview, which is to kill it!
@ Jack Chow; (micro-blog): 1, bar heavy candidates as you like it! 2, retrial more difficult as inevitable, beware of sorrow; 3, those involuntary admissions scores, or far beyond State lines; 4, the Ministry of education fairness resisted the pressure, but the release title of things yet, hope you check after all!
@ Ma Yanchen (micro-blog): it seems that political English score is very low this year.
@ Lu Yujiao (PO): the State-line drop, do not show on the State line to get into. Falling for two reasons: 1. the autonomy back to the school. (Main) 2. a second merger. Step on students at the State line, never happy. First, you may not retest qualification. Second. Transfers do not hurry, lily is cool.
Candidates Twitter buzz:
Xie Lisi _liz: Darling, come on low threshold, more competitive.
Lin Xiaoliang v: State line finally came in the midst of questioning and debate, score a general reduction may be our group a little comfort to the poor majority of candidates. But does this mean the second interview will be a lot of pressure? We grind our way over yet ... ... Furious too hungry: cheating, a district engineering line 290, such single-subject line card high marks will go to the second interview, I 340+ pressure.
Lots of celery: long-awaited, generally reducing the estimated retest increase the difficulty, will almost certainly be brushed with English people go to English end CR7: State line came out, well all of a sudden, scores dropped, this is obviously not good news, retrial entered the proportion will rise, more difficult.