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Employment white paper release: philosophy of law is the most difficult employment

Guangdong University students ' employment according to a white paper last year undergraduates with an average monthly salary of 2544 information times (reporter Zhong Liling intern Zeng Yaling correspondent Yue taught propaganda) yesterday, 2012 college graduates employment work meeting, Guangdong Province. Disclosed at the meeting last year in Guangdong colleges and secondary vocational school graduates applying for the job more than 1 million people, college graduates in their first employment was 94.76%, an increase of 1.67%, creating a nearly five-year high, total employment has reached 97.87% at the end of last year. Provincial first released the white paper on employment of graduates of colleges and universities in Guangdong Province (hereinafter white paper), engineering the highest employment rate, philosophy of law medical employment was slightly lower.
  Employment: engineering types of best looking for work on the white paper points out that, 2011 undergrad, above average employment rate for the first time the subject of Economics, undergraduate literature classes, engineering, Agronomy and management category 5 discipline philosophy after medical employment law class in the bottom 3 (see right-hand chart).
  Among college graduates, in addition to medical and public health category, utility classes, education classes, art and design media class and legal class 5 Professional category lower than specialists outside the average employment rate for the first time, other major initial employment above the average specialist. Water class graduates the highest employment rate, to 100%.
  Read: provincial career center officials: employment situation of engineering graduates, and high demand, and industrial transfer, industrial upgrade in Guangdong are inseparable, 2012 engineering graduates ' job prospects are still quite good.
  Job industry: a graduate institution also pointed out that the white paper, 76.54% 2011 graduates to the business units of employment, only 10.97% of the graduates to work in public institutions. 5.07% of the graduates are unemployed, number of 17920. Select graduates of 2671 people abroad, with literature class the most, there were 711 people, 26.62%.
  Translation: gdufs ' student career Center Director Zhao Ye: institutions mean fewer jobs, because hiring the already limited number, and the other is high recruitment requirements and procedures more complex.
  Salary: undergraduate 2544 Yuan a month on average on the white paper also announced a 2011 graduate salaries, the average salary is 2544/month for undergraduate students, students for 1811 Yuan/month. Undergraduates pay mainly focused on 2000-2500 Yuan/month, 33.13%.
  Philosophy graduates pay the highest at 3429 Yuan/month; the average employment of medical graduates pay the minimum, only 2191 Yuan/month. Agricultural salaries are lower, average monthly income of 2082. Highest paid industry is tobacco industry, 2818 Yuan/month. Industries with the lowest salary is social welfare, only 1848 Yuan/month.
  Statistics indicate that the white paper, 2011 male graduates had 173,400, 0.77% per cent, female graduates of 180,200 people, an increase of 12.36%. Average undergraduate male graduates employment compensation for 2602 Yuan/month, average employment salary of female graduates was 2483 Yuan/month, a difference of 4.79%.
  Read: provincial career center officials: philosophical high salary levels are there for a reason, one is the low number of graduates, and second, because the philosophical direction of the graduates ' employment mostly for research units, civil servants (PO) as well as in public institutions, have higher salaries than other subjects.