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Go to students home for parents worried about children worry about

With good friends in the class at home after school homework time, when no classes, enjoy Tuesday afternoon, or to a classmate's House at night to eat dumplings, is the memories of many people about my school days, and now the children rarely enjoy the good old days. Worried about their children's health, worried about security, worry about kids being bad, worry about any trouble, parents "fear" makes children more and more wary of trouble but also more and more.
  Students worry about Dou Le (junior girls): "birthday party" not at home?
  Deskmate Xiao-Lin's birthday, usually good students to give her birthday, we discussed a lot of proposals, final weekend to her home to become a "birthday party". But I came home with her mother said, she ask me Xiao Lin parents to join us, I say we own, her parents are not at home, my mother was not happy that. And then she asked me who, when she heard there was a little good girl in her class, it began to frown, and said there were also two boys play in very firmly say can't go! After school the next day, just when I don't know how to explain to Xiao-Lin, learned of birthday party was cancelled, with the participation of four people in the House are so, and most important of the Xiao-Lin's parents were opposed, I really do not know what has happened to them?
  Ms parent concerns: fear of any trouble now, we are pretty busy with work, work very hard every day, always more trouble if the child's classmates to home care, making our children to someone else's House is the same child myself I do not trust, but also transfers, very troublesome.
  Mr: people who don't know about the other parent is under normal circumstances, I am not in favour of children to the students home, mainly I think every family environment is different, we are parents of his classmates did not know, if the quality is not good enough, then it is possible to give children bad influences.
  Ms: boy girl is different I think boys and girls are not the same, maybe boys can rest assured, my daughter, to students home to me is not assured, many consider her safety factors.
  Lim: no one look bad when I'm at home, his classmates want to can, but not if no one at home, children adversely affected by network TV now, children are not the same quality, no adults looking to do ill.
  Experts of views now of children is alone sky psychological Advisory Center Senior Advisory Division Yin Mingyan think, children of growth process actually is its social gradually enhanced of process, and now of elementary and middle school students lack and peers common life of experience, if students of concept only limited to in school within Exchange, or academic Shang of communication, let many children fundamental no has "partners", in should many reality problem Shang once, makes children hard get self value of achieved, reality in the, children has habits Yu was parents "testimonials" and " "When parents encourage the effect is far better from the children of the same age, so the child class is necessary to communicate and live together, parents should be supported.
  Children exchange of Minhou County Road primary school moral education Vice President Li Chunyan said, for our kids, communicate with partners and life is the best way to get social. Parents do not focus on the issues, not for children creating a platform of communication and means of, children and communication capabilities are restricted, detrimental to the child's growth. In social activities, inclusive ideology, team spirit, the spirit of cooperation, as well as various ways to solve the problem is to rely on exercise in the lives of children from an early age, if the environment less, does not even exist on access to hinder the ability of children's life.
  Tips reasonable arrangements need not be too nervous if the child of the reasons and reasonable time, parents don't have to get nervous, and pay attention to the safety and interests of key account, you can let the children decide for themselves and make their own arrangements, but no need to fuss for each small party among students, so that there was more trust between child and parents.
  A phone call well in advance if they have arrangements to home, parents can call between, on the one hand confirm the timing and content of children, are also responsible and polite behavior. Addition would be making their children more polite, respect each other's families and habits.
  Parents should first make friends with Li believes that many parents worry about the main reason is due to not understanding of family, parents can use the opportunity to meet parents and other parents, communicate with other parents, recognized by the other family can eliminate unnecessary doubts of parents. Parents can take a more proactive approach on this issue, know which students walk near their children and can take the initiative to understand the other family, parents meet with each other, establish trust between each other, if they consider that there have been problems, or the measure of controlling communication between children in a timely manner, such a practice far more than "invited out all the" much more reasonable.
  Family gatherings is also good if you can pass the child family friendly exchanges with each other, in recognition of both sides can take the kids for family gatherings, parents can enhance understanding on the one hand, while children in such circumstances can get peace of mind games, let the child make friends more secure.
  Child safety training and education of children should be given sufficient security, let the children play together to "top" and would not play "too crazy" not to harm others; for fire prevention, safe use of electricity has also taught children how the holders of such knowledge, parents are more at ease.
  Encourage children to participate in school activities parents can also take advantage of schools to more children creating a platform of communication, Vice Chancellor Li believes that parents even help children should be encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities organized by the school, such as interest group holiday, final performances and so on, this can do for your child's lack of communication and modes to complement.
  Museum, Museum of science and technology fun teacher exchanges under children's classes that don't get bogged down in the home, to a science and Technology Museum, a museum visit is a good choice, if parents choose activities, both to increase children's knowledge, enrich their knowledge, holiday themes and let children play more interesting, parents will dispel a lot of reservations.