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USA top: most of the time, "making mistakes"

Though the weekend, Studio of Boston University's Department of mechanical engineering students to do research, not far from the door is wearing a double desk, the furniture is very simple – a computer, several stack of copies.
  "I was prepared to and continue to do academic research or the background to look for a job. "With graduation date approached, 4 stars to study in America, after" mental fluctuations "and" seriously consider "have a clear plan for his future.
  From Boulder to Boston when it comes to study in the United States, going back to stars in the Chinese University of science and technology (micro-blog) read three o'clock, in preparing apply to material in the process, he found that today's mentor Professor haluode·pake in recruitment on its homepage "advertisement". "I was interested in research, go to contact. "Recalling the application experience, twin experience is" very important. "
  Professor Parker worked at the University of Colorado at Boulder, after the stars went to the United States first enrolled in the University's mechanical engineering department. "Read for 1.5 years, and later me transferred to Boston University, he told me I could choose to stay in the same school or go with him to come, I choose the latter. "
  And like most students, when stars first came to "feeling quite hard", language, culture, life, new environmental issues that lie ahead. Tensions since Needless to say, the "postgraduate course also some difficulty".
  In addition, "when you are at home, don't know about studying and living abroad is, after you go abroad, you will find that you can imagine are different. And should you feel like doing something really thought at the time, and may even lose interest, then there will be new ideas, there is pressure. Also, learn mode is different, focused, independent project, final report to illustrate your project needs to be done. " Plus binaries to the United States living in Boulder, where no domestic wealth, he took about 1 year time to debug.
  Most of the time in the "wrong"
  Binary research of nano-materials. "Specifically says, is studying how the material energy conversion. For example, when using this material when it is clothes, shoes, through the movement of people, can gather power. "He is calculating," I was considered some of its properties. In the process of researching, if there is a new, very interesting, with a sense of accomplishment. But most of the time, to make mistakes is ever stage, needs to reinvent the wheel, discover new things is hard. "
  In binary, doing research need to be constantly thinking, because many are going to explore some uncharted territory. "But teachers eyes, he will see the development direction of what you do in this area, to give you some guidance, details he has some experience, but the real core of the seat of his pants, his learning. "
  Double Star and mentor Parker Professor of communication is interviewed once a week, reporting on progress. "This ensures that you move in the right direction, but what you can make, it is hard to predict. "He is pleased," Professor Parker is very nice, he hoped that you really are interested in study, learn from and feel happy. "
  Research of additional pressure from competition. "In one direction, there will be competition. If some hot, pressure is greater, you need to do fast, otherwise good ideas being published. "Twin said.
  The pressure is great, and before graduation, binaries will be published 4 papers, each paper has a new discovery.
  Chinese student reputation Parker Professor with 4 students, 3 of which are from the Chinese University of science and technology. "Two of my young sister, but our research projects, and into the school at different times. "According to estimates by binary, before he went to the University of Colorado at Boulder and now read the University's mechanical engineering department at Boston University, graduate student in the" many Chinese students ", and very good reputation in the Department. "Chinese students are generally diligent. In our Studio, on weekends or at night, mostly Chinese students on the scene. "
  Interview day weekend, studios have several students in his study. Not far from our conversation, a Chinese student and a foreign student is looking at a computer for Exchange on research projects. Double Star told reporters that the Chinese students was his younger brother.
  But Chinese students do have a problem, it is easy to get together. "A Chinese student in the group, that relatively more Exchange students and foreign students in China."
  Meanwhile, twin is always prepared and foreign students. "Sometimes, they will be interested in some of China's traditional culture such as holidays, I was introduced to them. "
  Prior to studying abroad, wearing stars somewhat introverted, 4 years of studies, he changed a lot, "much more optimistic than before", but in his view, more important achievement is "academic improvement and vision of open, views of the future, there are great changes."