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Sheldon VS Holmes: genius role memory PK

Vincent? '-Murray--Vincent Nigel-Murray of the bones (Bones), Although that impressive memory was occasionally used in service of his actual job, Mr. Nigel-Murray mostly spent his brain power in the remembrance of factoids。
  Despite the great memories are occasionally used in practical work, but Nigel? Mr Murray put most of the brain with make up on gossip.
  Editor: when "cold knowledge teenager" Vincent, "Do you know that ... ..." talk at the beginning, always attracted a group of eye.
  Sheldon--the big bang theory Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) is Just another example of how he's so much smarter than everyone else.
  Another intelligence out of the typical examples of ordinary people a few blocks.
  Editor: can only say that we do not really know this fellow come to Earth to what.
  Spencer? Reed – the psychology of crime Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds), Possibly the weirdest of the oddballs investigating the criminally insane, Dr. Spencer Reid compensates for a lack of normality by never forgetting much of anything。
  As most strange in this eccentric team of criminal psychology, Spencer? Dr Reid photographic abilities make up for one's own Mars.
  Editor: Dr Ried about dogs barking, Rossi said – in the play, "this guy is a walking encyclopedia! "
  Carrie?--the memory of detective Carrie Wells of Wales (Unforgettable) That's her thing:remembering. Also she does some cop stuff, but mostly Carrie Wells remembers。
  She is doing this: to remember things. While she's still doing police work, but most of the time, Carrie? is that in the mind of Wales.
  Small series: say what? People are doing this. Absolutely professional player.
  Sean.--the Psych Shawn Spencer Spencer (Psych) Shawn's memory, combined with his incredible ability to notice every little detail he sees, is enough to make it almost believable that a psychic he's. Almost。
  Sean's invincible memories, plus his perspicacious, enough to lead us to believe that he is a psychic one.
  Editor: "I was born to be jealous of you! "(Design monologue) Patrick?--
  Patrick Jane (The Mentalist)Thanks to one of his many brain tricks, Patrick Jane is able to recall locations, clues and other important details with near-perfect accuracy. This helps when finding nasty killers and such。
  Thanks to his invincible brains, buns tert can accurately recall, clues, and other important details. When looking for heinous killers can be put to great use.
  Editor: this is the reason why bread Uncle can be steamed Uncle!
  Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)The classic example of a perfect memory, Sherlock Holmes can barely even comprehend how those around him don't remember everything。
  As a typical memory, Daniel rolls around Fu might not even understand why people can't remember everything.
  Editor: this is a TV series in the UK. I believe members can still remember the phrase "you lower the IQ of the entire street", but nothing could stop us like absolute proud volumes of absolute poison tongue Fu.
  Mike? Ross – the gold bar
  Mike Ross (Suits)Sometimes, having a perfect memory is an important job skill. It was enough to get Mike Ross -- a vaguely criminal college dropout -- a job as a lawyer anyway。
  Perfect memory is sometimes a very important professional skills. Anyway, it's enough for the alleged crime of college dropout Mike won a law firm job.
  Editor: this selling MoE sells rotten lawyers play reading not just someone a perfect memory.
  Lexie Grey (Grey's Anatomy)It takes a lot to be recognized as the "brain" in a crowd of surgeons. Lexie Grey accomplishes this by remembering more or less everything。
  Blend of want to heroes among surgeons is recognized as the "brain" is not easy. Little grace with the ability to remember all that everything has earned himself a reputation.
  Small series: women are cautious by nature, memories of superior creatures. Even though this is a big beautiful woman, nature is how you want to open.
  Olivia? Denham--the mystery files
  Olivia Dunham (Fringe)Her superior memory is probably the result of cortexiphan (since Fauxlivia doesn't share it), but Olivia Dunham is smart enough to make a nearly photographic memory seem natural。
  Her superb memory could be the result of experimental drugs (given the fake Olivia but I do not have this knack for another world), but Olivia? he's smart enough to make that kind of a photographic memory is born.
  Small series: model of superwoman. From the first quarter of the first set when listening to the recordings show her different from ordinary people's me