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Goodhumoured innuendoes English polysemy comedy life triggered by embarrassing smell

From old English to modern English, English has been in constant development and change, the meaning has been extended, resulting in lots of polysemy (polesemy), for example: free (free; free) and engaged (busy; engaged), crooked (bent; sly) and so on. From a linguistic point of view, of course has a few of them are homophones (Homonymy), for example: seal (seal; seal), hide (hide; hide), ear (ears ear) and so on. These words are not only focus on the difficulties of learning. Here's what I learn polysemy of accumulated experience, perhaps after you finish reading, you will find "multiple meanings of the term" not only not terrible, full of wit and fun.
One. Travel stories due to the free (free; free) with ambiguity, New Oriental teachers make jokes. After a busy summer, the new organization to go with all the teachers in the East Thailand tour. During the trip, we hope that all the teachers take a photo, you must find a warm-hearted passers-by. A young male teacher has long stood by the roadside were targeted beautiful Thailand MM, so I wanted to go up and ask her for help taking pictures. He knew Thailand English is the common language, so forward in English: "Excuse me! Are you free?" (Excuse me, do you have time? ) That Thailand girls get angry and say: "Of course not. I'm not free。 "The teacher asked:" Why? "Thailand woman said:" I'm 200 hundred RMB for one night, or 30 dollars for whole day. "Hear this word, the teacher realized she was Thailand's prostitutes! (May also be shemale because she was in great shape, the native of Thailand woman. ) This Thailand prostitutes due to its habit, free naturally understood as "free", and we the poor new Oriental teachers also mistaken got up and asked a poor "client". But the teacher is smart, and knew immediately that Thailand prostitutes mistaken knows not to give money, she will not service. So he took his two dollars from his pocket saying: "I don't have 200 RMB, but I give you 2 RMB for one minute service, Ok?" the Hooker said laughingly: "In one minute, what can we do? It's not enough time for me take off your clothes (Grill clothes are not enough time), "the teacher said with a smile:" You don't need to take off my clothes nor your clothes, and you just need to take a few photos of us. "
Two. Saying "polysemy" and "homonym" capable of creating a rhetoric called puns (Pun). The most typical example of this is: "Seven days without water make one weak. "Translation has two meanings: ① seven days without water makes one weak second seven days without water for a week. People in my country is the use of homonyms in English 'weak' and 'week' said pun. In the movie "Forrest Gump" (Forrest Gump), the writers cleverly use crooked pun, United States politicians ironically came to a head. As Forrest Gump infant spine problems, so wife with young Forrest Gump to spinal surgery, when doctors saw him bent back, say this sentence: "His back is as crooked as politician. "Doctors on the surface is curved like a question mark Forrest, contrary to politicians to make a comparison, is actually the United States politicians talk profusely, but snobbish sly satire. Because the "crooked" has two meanings: ① bent; Secondly, dishonest, sneaky. In Chinese there is no lack of "homonym" pun of the word. For example, Ma Ying-jeou, Chen said: "the referendum idea you like throwing stones into the pit, will stir up shit (angry) Oh! "
Three. Commercials many advertising companies to make their ads impressive is also the polysemy effect to create puns. Following is the United States a food company's nuts ad: You will go nuts for the nuts if you get Nux. "Nux" for nut trademark, pronounced with the "nuts" is similar to the phrase "go nuts" means "crazy, crazy", the second "nuts" as "nuts", using each of the three, and full of fun. "A better stretch for the long stretch." (An airline ads). The first "stretch" is "stretch" means, and the second "stretch" meaning "a continuous period of time", advertising means "for travelers during their long stretch provides better freedom in space. "Two" stretch "before and after the ECHO, so that consumers feel comfortable listening to relaxing. Try our sweet corn. You'll smile from ear to ear。 (Sweet corn ads) the phrase "from ear to ear" (smile from ear to ear) in the "ear" (ear) and the "ear of corn ear sounds like the same form different meaning. This ad uses puns ear convey a double meaning: "you try to eat an ear of one ear, happily grinning.
Life, look, and into the learning. Friends if you have the "polysemy, Homonymy" create funny pun, your life will be filled with fun with better vocabularies.