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Experience sharing: research ways on soul of the mountain

Time is fleeting, suddenly rushed past.
  Last year at this time, I was rushed to the grind (micro-blog) way, in the heart of fear day and night, sleepless nights. I'm thinking: fate, everything we experience, perhaps bring us to life another turning point.
  Grind, like a big mountain in front of the heart. I don't know if my choice is correct, is PubMed, missed opportunities for employment, and even I graduated a few years later, far less than working class?
  However, when one year past, I gradually found their way. As Gu Cheng's sentence: "since the distance, will only speed. "
  I look forward to change fate, but is not limited to PubMed. Grind is a way of life, whether graduate or not, eventually we have to face, in the face of occupation.
  Yes, it was this idea, let me know, select articles, not without a purpose test, graduate. Dragon set sail plan high-end guidance as I opened the door to a door to the future career path.
  Think twice, I signed up for. First of all, my character for my future career, then choose according to my future career development articles by College and professional. Then the tutor according to review of my goals for me to create a full set of plans. Foundation stage, intensive stage, Sprint, the simulation stage, each stage of the plan, then every week, even every day has more learning content. Of these, we have no experience of students, is invaluable, because proper planning is a guarantee of success, no purpose, no plan was successful you can learn, but that which is accidental. For me, time, cannot afford to waste. More than 20 years old, graduate, job, day time is very precious.
  Under the instructor's plan, I followed the teacher's ideas are constantly looking for the most suitable learning method. Here, from my own review to summarize my postgraduate experience.
  Political science students, the first impression of "double Dutch". No goals, focused review will only get half. First, to understand the content of the fundamental period, each point can be reviewed. Second, strengthen the stages, mastering the emphases and difficulties of knowledge. These teachers in teaching when it comes. Third, Sprint, global understanding, focused on knowledge and master them. Finally, simulation stage, through simulation tests to find deficiencies, picked up the missing knowledge.
  English English is a chronic course, cannot be achieved overnight. However, there must be a method, the right way, although not long can get a good review ... Articles focused on the understanding and ability in English, without hearing. Therefore, the reading and writing occupied most of the score. Then the review was also to get a score more, imagine, get reading and writing English is to cross the line. First, it really, really is the best materials, in addition to the questions of the last 35 years, others can be used as materials, become a problem, then. This review will focus on the word to, can also increase reading ability. Second, the words, just the word in the title is not enough, to properly recite the words, they themselves can be read in. Third, the composition. Composition is very important, it would be recited over the composition model, and find tips for writing better vocabulary patterns. Finally, simulation. Many people feel that the lack of time in the English exam, may not be a good simulation. Usually the problem, test would not scrambling.
  Math math review step by step. First, review textbooks should be grasped at the primary stage, carefully studying examples do questions after class, if the wrong topics can be marked, after the next round of review to conduct research. Secondly, the intensive review, browse key examples, mark topic contact again, and then you can review modules. Third, the drill can do intensive problems can usually be seen in previous years of questions and exercises. Finally, simulation, simulation time also found deficiencies, missing methods to learn to solve problems.
  Is a combination of memory and understanding of specialized courses. The first round of review, key material, it would be taking notes. Because after reviewing their notes are the best material. Second, strengthen the stage or a textbook, the focus of each chapter, make notes or key marked. Third, comprehension and memory, based on the understanding of memory, edge memory edge to do the exercises. Finally, Sprint, the review focus on knowledge, if we have time to look it over textbooks, some knowledge points not seen for a long time so as not to forget.
  In short, grind, other than learning, it is psychological warfare, which requires us to review, psychological quality. Key moments to hold on.
  Time flies, this year, not only have I gained, also yielded an irreplaceable life experience. Research way, cheered; research way, gorgeous view.
  Now, I have over this mountain of life, happy days, waiting for my hands to create!