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Creative education: the personification of pupils performing experience during fertilization

Recently, the children's sex education became a focus of the parent topic, first pilot school of primary and secondary education will be expanded during the year to 45, followed by 800,000 volumes of middle school students ' reading of the issue of sex education to students ' hands.
  Compared to introduce reproductive health-oriented education of middle school students for reading, including physical, sexual, psychological aspects of education pattern of working, appear more numerous and miscellaneous. At present, primary school sex education "three noes" situation: a textbook-free and with no teachers, three hours. However, after two years of exploration, children's mode of teaching began to take shape.
  Class: anthropomorphic way sperm eggs to raise children's interest in birth, peace a young teacher to seed germination, egg hatching chicks and other animals born short introduction, caused the children to ask questions. Short had finished, some kids just blurt out, "How do animals out? "" Where did I come from? "
  Subsequently, the variety of answers follow, some students say, "come out from the mother's womb", some say "is jumping out from the stone" or some inkling of the kids even more surprises, "is coming out from the fertilized eggs! "" Come out from the sperm and the sperm of the father of the mother! "
  Kids ' interest, teachers strike, start with the story of male and female "hero" sperm and eggs. In order to let the children not to confuse, MA with sperm (sperm) and egg (ovum) English the first letter of the homonym, gave them a nickname called love sperm, egg is called little Europe and told the story in an anthropomorphic manner. Mr Ma said, "love is a sperm, he lived in his father's body, there are more than 300 million other brothers live with and love. They each have their own strengths, Xiao Wei is good at math, Williams is good at drawing, the hero love math well, sing out of tune, but it is a good swimmer. This looked chubby cute little egg little Europe, she does not like love has a big family, but like everyone else, was the only spoiled baby. She is desperate and think they make good friends, but they want to see is not easy, because the road is both distant and dangerous, even to pass the exam! "Hear that, the children were immediately interested, anxiously asked," what to test? How to meet? "So, teachers the opportunity to give children" experience ".
  Role playing experience during fertilization role-playing game is done by boys sperm and eggs by a girl. Teacher desk code into a long runway, set two laps on the track, play boys sperm need to smoothly through the two barriers, and first played by egg girl right to questions posed, they win. Knocking down barriers, or hits a runway on both sides of the desk guys are eliminated; answering questions only once, the wrong answer will also be eliminated.
  The beginning of the game, played the boy sperm are competing to grab the drill times, two people are stuck into a circle, being eliminated immediately; others, drilling, complaining that "really small! Really hard to drill "; there's momentum too much, directly hit the barrier rings ... ... Eventually, nearly half the boys through the barrier, came to the second answer link. Yet "closed end" dropout rate high, the top three were unsuccessful, when the fourth recruit after the success of boy sighed, "is not easy", and several other losers also muttered "too hard! "
  After the game, Mr MA has played a video of the egg during fertilization, Qian Xin to see, when children learn that through love and small European, but took four days to reach their home security womb, surprise big mouth and see that life did not come easily.
  Simulation of pregnant woman grateful parents see the fetus in the mother's womb grew, gradually revealing the human form, children are wagging with excitement, "look! It's hand! "" Little feet are fun! "
  In order to let children experience the hardships of mother during pregnancy, MA teacher let students carry their bags on her chest as a belly, bending and picking something, tie, etc. Transient chaos in the class, and when you pick something up, "belly" on the ground, some squatting to tie your shoelaces, was "stomach" sat on the floor ... ... Finally, MA shows birth described in an article from a journal and ask students to his mother to write from the heart.
  A little girl wrote, "MOM, I know you when I am tired, my time is hard work! Do not fear, there is me! "
  Teaching pilot: pilot of early NET find textbook according to hepingli first primary school sex education subject group head week teacher said, school has for has two years of pilot, in initially stage, faced "three no" of dilemma, a no outline, II no textbook, three no teachers, "we only put the grade character class teacher convened up, assigned to the big Bookstore, net type to find related textbook".
  Because there is less suitable for primary education in particular, which are from abroad, so it is related to sexual health education for 6-12 almost all the books were collected, according to students of different ages, sum for teaching content from the book.
  For example, students in the lower grades taught initially perceives his, know the difference between girls and boys. Middle and high school students to know where kids come from from a scientific perspective, simple understanding of fetal development, realize parents raise their hard, learn more about filial piety and gratitude. While aware of their private parts, and self-protection.
  Hold "degree" is a technical draft outline issued this year, provisions to which aspects of sexual health education at all levels, but teaching is not clearly defined. Two-year pilot exploration, MA found that sex education classes lively and clean, reasonable, very easy. Sex education classes on how sex education when it comes to what level is appropriate, is currently the biggest difficulty.
  When faced with the same problem, very different students of different ages. Ma said that in the teaching of the origin of life, grade 3 students about "sperm", "eggs", "birth canal" vocabulary is not sensitive, but it is easy to confuse, many children spoke became "Mama's sperm and eggs and dad." Therefore, in teaching, the teacher in an anthropomorphic manner as possible, improve students ' interests in the form of the story, to enhance their memory. While the same words for grade five or six students, was too shy to ask. Because the age of students in a period of physiological changes, for sex-related vocabulary is very sensitive.
  In addition, teacher training is also crucial. According to the research group of peace for a little sex education teacher Yang, currently, teachers are involved in sex education and moral lessons and other non-professional teachers to teach. Due to lack of expertise during the pilot period, teachers rely on study or to participate in the Symposium to boning. If experts can regularly give teachers vocational training will play a multiplier role in teaching.
  Permeability of three types of courses education after a two-year pilot, and next, hepingli preparing courses of three full penetration sex education. First is the penetration of the national curriculum, into moral education lessons, art classes, followed by curriculum with local penetration, such as in information technology classes for students searching for relevant information on the Internet; the third is curriculum penetration, add part of sex education in a psychology class.
  Meanwhile, peace a teenager start preparation health textbooks, written by teachers participating in the two-year pilot project. Sex education teachers will also be expanded, given by the moral education teachers participating in the pilot teacher training on a regular basis at all levels, the integration of sex education into the class content.
  In addition, special courses of the school parents in the classroom, will be invited to work in the hospital's parent, combined with health education lectures.
  Parents reaction: there is a generation gap between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law sex education mengmeng's mother was a $literal, starting from primary school children receive sex education she was supporting, "haven't received such education when I was young, so I hope your children grew up knowing how to protect yourself. "However, mengmeng's grandmother is opposed to child sex.
  One day, Moe Moe came home from school asking, "the teacher told where I was coming from, Peng Peng said his mother when he got a knife, my mother did when I cut? "MOM said to her," Mama you birth, without surgery "sprouting and asked," so how did deliver? "" Is from the birth canal! "She was about to explain, sprouting Grandma quickly interrupted," you say to kids doing this? "
  "Watching her reproachful eyes and sprouting curious eyes, I was in a quandary! "
  Children have "licked"
  Kobayashi grade 5 this year, received sexual health education curriculum from grade 4, Lin said his mother accepted the education, children become self-aware. Lin reasonable since childhood, was watching TV at home is particularly cautious on the issue, said Kobayashi's mother, now often have sex on TV camera, each time you change channels are particularly worried about is when he saw that, so as long as he's in the TV, they will lock the children's channel.
  But some time ago, and his mother in high esteem. Kobayashi in the change of times, inadvertently broadcast to the television set, just in time to make out the camera, my mother embarrassed and don't know what to say, Kobayashi said the words, "I'm not watching", then change to get a cartoon.
  Early Kindergarten elementary school first grade Han Han has a bad habit of headache for MOM, "he likes to Flash their private parts, or let anyone touch! He felt funny, so I wanted him to play with a friend! Has been said many times, he always remembered! "Han Han's mother said.
  She said that today's kids are precocious, gruff in kindergarten when the little girl had hazy favor, love watching girls dancing, and he is not alone, like many other boys of the same age. No sexual education for children's books on the market, wanted to give him at home "special treatment" will not work.
  Therefore, the gruff mother believes that pupils need to learn not only knowledge of sex education should be advanced to kindergartens.
  Official practice: brewing three years "came out" educational programme commissioned by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, capital Normal University (microblogging), cooperation by the United States Department of education, and of the expert group, prepared the outline Beijing's primary and middle school education (draft). Zhang Meimei, Director, research center of capital normal university education are introduced, from the intention to draft outline to do sex education, and lasted three years. Characteristics of this education is closely related to "a lot of people on sex education was not particularly understand, think sex education is not a physical education, but very sensitive thing, talk about ' sex ' discoloration is also common. So, sex education who, how are the real problem. "
  Outline no unified requirements for school classes and teaching methods, but provides a number of ways and means of implementation for school choice.
  Pilot 30 primary and secondary schools in the implementation of effective, research group designed the 30 subjects, from 10 elementary schools and 20 secondary schools to assume. 30 schools are actively enrolled in, involved six districts such as Fangshan, mentougou, Changping County schools. "The response of the pilot schools, sex education is pretty good. From parents to teachers, students, both in awareness changing. After all, due to the cultural traditions of the reasons of sex education in China is very cautious, only when you have sufficient theoretical and practical results, to make Government, people recognized. "Zhang Meimei said.
  Pilot school expanded to 45 this year after a two-year pilot, the task force has begun to modify outline information for school feedback and modified, then find some pilot schools. Lock 45 second round of pilot schools, including primary schools, 15 secondary schools 30.
  Said Zhang Meimei, second pilot will absorb a few vocational schools to participate.
  Primary and secondary subject matures, the next step will consider studies on sex education in kindergarten.
  Beijing's family planning Commission granted education reading recently, municipal family planning Commission announced that 800,000 copies of sexual health education for junior high and high school students reading printed, and distributed free into the hands of students. In this regard, said Zhang Meimei, the Commission has attached great importance to reproductive health, "they also aware that other than physiological, but also from the psychological and social aspects, such as hands do work in reproductive health. "Zhang Meimei also said family planning issue of sex education books and are still in pilot educational programme are differentiated, release readers belong to universal access to knowledge and educational programs focusing on education, not just teaching.
  Zhang Meimei described to reporters to education administrators enough, the economy is more developed cities, sex education may be slightly better, but some less developed economic city, the Department of education may not notice this field, sometimes delayed or ignored. But doesn't mean that economically backward places do not need, but each other without too much effort to do, and where ideas are relatively conservative, also slightly backward, so, "while teenagers have this requirement, but educators and leaders without too much attention to this area."
  Textbooks are numerous but not useful for current situation of sexual education, some media reported lack of teaching materials is one of the resistance. At this point, capital Normal University expert group did not agree. "In fact, material is not difficult. Research in education at home and abroad has been a very rich material variety, we have a lot to learn from examples. Current key theoretical system, launched education curriculum, according to this theory, concept and outlines, and written materials are most appropriate. And the textbook problem teacher implementation level, many teachers used to teach with textbooks, teaching materials relying on is not sex education the main resistance. In fact, many different kinds of sex education textbooks across the country, but most teachers reported well, mainly because of the unrealistic. "Zhang Meimei said.
  Lack of professional teachers for schools, sex education is difficult, neither a full-time teacher or specialized class that taught the course could not be set. "Biology teachers do? Biology teacher just know more about human biology, actually sexually related problems, as well as the physical level, there are psychological and social dimensions, and more, social history, culture, anthropology, religion, law, and many things are included in the inside. These aspects of biology teacher alone is unable to solve the problem. It can be said that school currently does not have people from so many aspects of sex education and, secondly, not class. Students now have a very heavy workload, specifically establishing a sex education class, the class is very difficult. "Zhang Meimei said.
  In this regard, Sun yunxiao, Vice Director of China Youth Research Center (PO) (micro-blog) suggested that sex education should be based on the needs of children, science, boot image, specific and appropriate content. This would require more specialized knowledge, trained teachers. But teacher training in this respect also failed to keep up, the urgent need to strengthen.
  For sex education, parents start and parents as is supposed to be their children's first teachers. But for this problem, many Chinese parents feel "hard". Even if they want to educate children, and has a useful and many parents for sex education also has a lot of confusion, so I want to complete the sex education by parents is difficult.
  Features of capital Normal University expert group think on sex education, sex education first resistance lies in China for facing their own distinctive and not very good research on sex education, "at present, we are introducing sex education outline, that is, to let the school know what to teach, what are its theoretical background, there is no possibility. Only enables us to understand the sex education, parents can support teachers to accept school to go to. Sex education system with Chinese characteristics after slowly building up, to be able to implement. However, in China there is no build up of this system, would take a very long time. "