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Study abroad experience: after the small chemical Superman went to Harvard to pursue a Ph

Feng Jun is very busy, interview the previous night, he stayed up all night in March, the United States prepare for trip to Harvard University.
  By then, he will meet with the famous chemist Professor chaersi·LIBO, explores the future of scientific research. In August, he will formally enter a doctorate at Harvard University, opened the new school trip.
  Born in 1990, Feng Jun, Sun, handsome, smiling with a pure temperament. China University of science and technology (micro-blog), a four-year student, Feng Jun not only has a nice academic transcripts, still has many doctoral students are the envy of scientific research.
  "My parents gave me a lot of freedom"
  Feng Jun said, at the primary and junior high school, he was not a very good student. "Middle-sized" him, and never find the constraints and scolded by his parents.
  "Freedom from my parents a lot, and they told me to follow the path of others, but let me choose to go its own way. "He said.
  Feng Jun chemical exposure very early junior high school on the germination of the chemical of interest, also was at the top and have participated in various chemistry competition. He taught himself chemistry courses in higher grades in advance, see the book explaining the chemistry experiment, can't help doing it. Of his mother's "fiddling" was "silent", but the son likes, she always expressed support.
  "My father gave me a lot of freedom, and also gives me a kind of invisible pressure. "My father did not ask the Feng Jun-must do much, you must go to College, but from long-term development to guide him, hoping he can make a point in their favorite subject.
  "My father's encouraging words, made me feel like, through their own efforts, may change some things, and may even find their location in a certain field. "He said.
  In high school, Feng Jun has entered a "relatively good" State of learning, he got the first prize of provincial of the Olympiad in chemistry, then walked straight into the Department of chemistry, University of science and technology of China.
  As walks, Feng Jun has no College crazy sea training and simulation of tension before the exam, this experience can be proud of, but became a concern when he started going to school. Feng Jun, he did not go through a comprehensive system of training, so faced a great deal of "crisis".
  In order to strengthen the basics of freshman admissions, Feng Jun, adhere to the "dormitory-classroom" 2.1 lines of simple life. At that time, the hostel is a "place to sleep at night", lasted for two years, his academic performance was at the top, Feng Jun is nicknamed by students "studying maniac".
  From "self-madman" self-reflection during his sophomore year, democratically elected, Feng Jun was elected as the Member of the class of learning, and is three years, began his life in transition.
  As Feng Jun of the commissary, for the class and students doing chores, give impetus to the whole class learning environment. "Mainly to help people deal with learning problems, such as course selection, do some statistics, query, ordering of the textbook, as well as laboratory and mentor's advice, these are the classmates around the small, can you make me happy. "Feng Jun of the learning passion is also reflected in public welfare activities.
  HKUST, China grass is a volunteer Association of students as the main body, mainly engaged in public activities such as teaching, volunteer blood donors. Referred to as a volunteer of the grass, Feng Jun is a little shy, "I just participated in a number of activities, in fact, do little. "
  "The score is not important, the important thing is to create a bright spot of his own. "After two years of crazy geology, Feng Jun began to reflect on one's own" self-freak "status. "Actually, I'm not particularly encouraging in that State, that State while the score has a lot of help, but not the whole University. "Feng Jun has gradually relaxed attitude, slowly finding their own way.
  Sophomore second semester, Feng Jun to micro-scale national laboratory for physical sciences at HKUST Professor Xie Yi sent an email showing interest in thank a teacher research group. Consent to thank the teacher's consent, he entered the group, directed by Wu Changzheng, an Associate Professor, start from some simple experiments.
  A year later, Feng Jun entered the status of scientific research. "That was the happiest year of my undergraduate years, I begin to realize that the most basic theory, can translate directly to the various fields of scientific research. "
  Feng Jun of the chemical itself is like physics, electromagnetism essay competition organized by the school, he won first prize. Meanwhile, he also taught himself and sit in on a lot of physical science courses. "Later, laboratory experiences, I found, in physics knowledge in my work plays a very important role in promoting became my one big advantage. "From book knowledge to the research practice, Feng Jun of the experience undid a lot of people about" this thing exactly what "questions.
  "To score 90, nature can you master this course pretty well, but the most important thing is to create a bright spot of his own. "Upon entering the lab exercises a year later, Feng Jun has created their own highlights.
  "Be sure to think independently, to have original work"
  Their scientific research achievements, Feng Jun is very grateful to school. "I was more concerned about themselves, just immerse themselves in the world, the University attaches great importance to give students a chance to show themselves, also let me know the importance of show." Involved in various large and small report on HKUST, he benefited. "The same issues, using different methods to express and present is different."
  "Do a good job is important, and results will show even more important than the work itself. "In the eyes of Feng Jun, to very directly and forcefully to make himself convincing, and widely promoted the significance and importance of his work, the value of the work to be reflected.
  At present, Feng Jun has to first author's identity in top international chemistry journal, respectively United States journal of the Chemical Society materials, international top journal advanced materials and materials on a top journal of materials chemistry published an important article.
  In addition, Feng Jun, as main author also participated in another article by the United States of the journal of the Chemical Society received and selected as the cover story, and produced by Feng Jun designed the cover, city, so far, this is one of several the United States one of the cover story of the journal of the chemical society.
  Feng Jun said, didn't like to follow one's own thoughts. He said that accumulated in the initial learning stages, which is important to follow and imitate, but scientific work, be sure to think independently, to the original wo