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Journey revelation: the first to ask students in Taiwan the loss and look forward to

To school students in Taiwan last autumn, a history of cross-strait relations, "the first". After six months, the "dare to eat crabs" young people in Taiwan have a journey? Why the confusion? Why sad? They unconsciously into the great era of cross-strait exchanges, has always been concerned about eye to follow the group.
  President Ma Ying-jeou said too many restrictions on land between the two sides said the complex is so complex. Offsite and even exotic wedding, family, school, today is already home, city, students study in the 80 's of the last century began across the ocean, all over the world, but Taiwan has been on the city, students say "NO", called for open and refusing to Geithner's even in the "Legislative Yuan" a fight, someone shouted: "why let students cut into our schools? Take our jobs? "
  The fact is, Taiwan education resource surplus, many schools lack of perennial, operating difficulties, and has a total of 38 points was admitted to the University's jokes came. Taiwan College Presidents, regardless of their political tendencies, were open calls for mainland students to Taiwan. Under the force of interest and ideology, Taiwan authorities to change the rules, referred to as the "land three", starting from last autumn, restricted to mainland students to study in Taiwan.
  Limits can be described as harsh, can be summarized as "three limits and six are not" limiting admissions to universities, limiting land total, limiting medical academic qualifications recognition, plus benefits and do not affect the internal quota of students, the provision does not award grants, are not allowed during the period of work, cannot enter employment, shall not apply for public ... ... This bundle of open policies, Taiwan peers anxiously asked reporters: "city, so many people, our campus will be crowded with land in the future? "The reporter asked:" If students got the University of Hong Kong (micro-blog), even European and American schools scholarship, why Taiwan? "
  I'm not convinced that peer, but convincing. Last year fall semester land ceiling was 2,141, 928 of the actual registration.
  This year, President Ma Ying-jeou during his second term the "three axes" indicates that the Taiwan authorities: too many restrictions on the city, students, please review what limits can be adjusted.
  Mainland students said: Please don't call me "red bandits"
  Mainland Chinese students in Taiwan for more than six months, Taiwan from all walks of life are also watching in Taiwan, schools, many discussions with the media to listen to their voices, there are city, students wrote the media direct. Reporters have been tracking them in Taiwan of adaptation periods and various kinds of – medical care is too expensive. Because mainland students in Taiwan to have health insurance, "so I can't get sick", have mainland parents tried taking drugs to Taiwan, minor ailments plague children self diagnosis of autonomy. In Taiwan the Mainland students studying at Chinese Culture University dislocated his arm while playing basketball, have to for medical treatment, it took 14,000 yuan NT "is too dark! "The Chinese students feel chill.
  Cannot apply for phone number. Taiwan regulations before the age of 20 cannot apply for phone numbers Taiwan students are family apply for a mobile phone number, while the city would not facilitate, but for calling card calls, phone number phone number times higher, "in Taiwan and call their parents, than in the United States more expensive. "
  Feel discriminated against. Held in a media forum, a mainland students said some classmates called me "red bandits", although I know he was joking, but I am very uncomfortable. Some teacher cursed city, the city that, some students asked me: "why are you using missiles against us? "" This thing we do students should take? "Chinese students at the Forum asked.
  Officials said restrictions affect terrestrial wishes students actively participate in the mainland Taiwan campus club activities, she said while talking with reporters: "Taiwan's College students are very concerned about vulnerable groups, I participate in the discussion of their thinking, in fact I am weak, but they were ' no sense '. "
  Ma Ying-jeou ordered a "review" under the instructions of, Taiwan authorities for terrestrial confused start "feeling". Like doctor problem, Taiwan competent city Affairs of officials said, Taiwan "Ministry of education" has began across sector cooperation, discussion solution city students doctor difficult of problem, city students can joined commercial medical insurance, each months paid 500 Yuan NT, each outpatient up can lost pay 1000 Yuan NT, as hospital, daily up lost pay 1000 Yuan NT, as met major disease must operated on, highest lost pay for each 120,000 yuan NT.
  As for the "three limits and six are not" the root causes of weak, education authorities considered to be in "legal" under the framework, there is no breakthrough, but those restrictions do affect the desire of Chinese students currently can only be dealing in detail with elastic, like threshold for admissions, enrollment, admission procedures and other technical adjustments, enhanced its appeal to mainland students. In this regard, Taiwan Hsin University Officer gave the reporter said in a telephone interview, city, students cannot apply for a scholarship, in accordance with the regulations, but our school accepting applications for opening of private donations, city, financing, such as Chen set up a scholarship in our school, we welcome applications for mainland students studying in our school. According to press reports, there were other Taiwan universities have offered privately funded awards to students.
  Taiwan "joint universities to recruit mainland students Admissions Committee" said recruitment of mainland students this year although there are no major breakthroughs, but in all aspects of the procedures as convenient as possible for land, the restrictions under which they hope to attract more Chinese students to study in Taiwan.
  Mainland students to study in Taiwan was supposed to be a win-win situation. Just like the University student said, they are just young teens, don't let their study commitments should not be he