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Inventory: the United States students need to pass several exams

Applying to study in the United States, United States colleges generally require students to pass certain exams. These test results good or bad, about whether they can be accepted, as well as the availability of scholarships, has a very important impact. Application for United States study what you need, exactly which test do I need? Following various stages of application requires different examination with the participation of, respectively, to introduce.
First, United States school: SSAT exams TOEFL Junior SLEP test 1. SSAT test's full name is the Secondary School Admission Test SSAT exam, translated as United States secondary school admission test, equivalent to China's tests. It was founded in 1957, opened so far in the world with more than more than 750 room, China's Taiwan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, are equipped with the test. SSAT examines students ' mathematics, English language and ability to understand, are foreign students into one of North America's best private schools stepping stone.
2. TOEFL TOEFL TOEFL Junior Junior exam junior middle school (microblogging) is a low-risk assessment, to measure the English-medium teaching and learning environment, English for middle school students ' academic and social levels. The test is a general English proficiency test, does not involve any professional knowledge. It includes reading comprehension in listening, language and meaning, as well as three parts. As a measure of English proficiency test, TOEFL TOEFL Junior junior middle school for schools, teachers, parents and students provides an objective evaluation criteria. At present, New Oriental's future overseas ETS TOEFL Junior has now become China's strategic partner in the Office and become a TOEFL Junior exam registration, more more details go abroad in the future United States secondary school (http://liuxue.xdf.CN/ushighschool/index.shtml ).
3. the SLEP test SLEP is short for Secondary Level English Proficiency Test, middle-level English proficiency examination (native speakers of non-English-speaking students of junior high school, high school's English proficiency test), TOEFL image that is the beginning of high school students. A few days ago, ETS's official website said: on June 30, 2012, the SLEP test will formally be replaced by TOEFL Junior examinations. Is ETS TOEFL Junior examination United States educational testing service designed specifically for the global authority of the 11-15 primary and secondary school students develop English proficiency test. The test can not only as students ' English skills high school programs in North America, can evaluate the students ' English proficiency at this stage, in order to improve English proficiency or TOEFL provides authoritative guidance in the future. More information on ETS TOEFL Junior official website (in English), visit: http://www.ETS.org/toefl_junior second, the United States undergraduate applications: SAT ACT TOEFLIELTSAP test 1. SAT exam SAT (English name Scholastic Assessment Test, referred to as SAT) is called "United States college entrance examination (microblog)", is a United States educational testing service of intellectual level test. It is not only the United States one of the admission requirements of the University, is one of the important indicators of the University scholarships. SAT consists of SAT I and SAT II in two parts, the SAT I reasoning test and SAT II subject tests. Chinese high school students apply for entry into the United States for undergraduate study only require the SAT I exam. SAT is also United States high school students entering United States colleges must take the examination, the importance of China's college entrance examination, and high school students around the world apply for entry into the United States university undergraduate studies can be admitted, as well as an important reference to availability of scholarships. SAT exam 7 times a year, but the test no test centers in mainland China, candidates for city, mainly to Hong Kong or Singapore to take the test. SATI and SATII cannot both exams, SATII exam if you choose, you must go to Hong Kong on two occasions.
2. the ACT examination ACT (English name American College Test, ACT for short) as with the SAT, are known as "United States the University entrance exam", is a United States institutions of higher learning to admit and evaluating scholarship granted in one of the most important indicators. ACT similarly by many United States universities acknowledged that United States colleges, the majority of the Central and Western. ACT exam is divided into four parts: the articles to correct the mistakes (English), mathematics (Math), reading (Reading), and scientific reasoning (Science Reasoning). In addition, the composition is selected. ACT test both I and II, it is equivalent to the SAT I exam. Unlike the SAT exam is, ACT more like a subject test, which emphasizes the candidates knowledge of the curriculum, but also taking into account the candidates ' ability of independent thinking and judgment. From a time perspective, ACT test than the SAT tension seen from the difficulties, ACT test than the SAT easier, especially for Chinese students to, select the ACT exam may be easier to get satisfactory results in the short term!
3. TOEFL TOEFL exam (English name Test of English as a Foreign Language, TOEFL for short) by the United States Center for the educational testing service (ETS), is designed to test for non-English-speaking students ' English levels and English proficiency is a standardized test. Apart from United States, and Canada, such as tertiary education in most countries in Europe (such as the United Kingdom, and France, and Germany, and Ireland, and Belgium and the Netherlands), Oceania (Australia, and New Zealand, and so on) and in Asia (Singapore, and Japan, Hong Kong, and so on), Africa (South Africa) in some countries and regions have recognized their scores.
4. IELTS IELTS exam (full name International English Language Testing System in English, IELTS for short) is a United Kingdom Council of culture, the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Board and Australia education international development jointly sponsored by the International English language testing. This test is to apply to English-speaking countries in oversea, immigration and non-English-speaking students, and used to assess candidates ' ability to use English, international English language testing system is the world's largest. IELTS is dominated by Commonwealth countries (United Kingdom, and Australia, and Canada, and New Zealand) acknowledged that the now United States there are more than 3000 institutions recognize achievements.
5. AP AP exams is the abbreviation for Advanced Placement, college preparatory courses, the test applies to global plans to travel to United States time undergraduate students. AP grades can not only offset successfully applied for United States students enrolled at the University of the corresponding course credits, and AP scores are becoming United States an important basis for university admissions. United States high school AP course is by the United States Council of the University (The College Board), set up with college-level courses in high school, there are 22 categories, 37 disciplines, has been in the United States generally over more than 15,000 high school opened. It allows high school students contact University courses in advance to avoid the repetition of the primary stage of high school and college courses. At present, nearly 3600 universities in more than 40 countries recognize AP credit for the school reference, including Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge and other universities. AP exam in May of each year, has now opened in 80 countries around the world.
Third, the United States Graduate Admissions: GREGMAT TOEFLIELTSLSAT test 1. GRE GRE exam (English name Graduate Record Examination, GRE for short) is a United States graduate school entrance exams, applies to the other except for legal and business disciplines and professional postgraduate exam. GRE exam is divided into two kinds, one is the General GRE exam (GRE General); another is a specific GRE exam (GRE Subject). Candidate needs according to their own conditions and schools are asked to participate in one or both of the tests, most Chinese students only need to take the General GRE exam, apply for legal or business graduate to substitute LSAT or GMAT GRE General test. GRE exam was United States graduate school (apart from the school of management, school of law) require that applicants must have a score (which is an important basis for selecting and training the students), but also University graduate school deciding whether or not to provide an important reference to the scholarship criteria.
2. GMAT GMAT exam (English name Graduate Management Admission Test, GMAT for short) is a standardized test, has been widely used for MBA entrance exams. As the most reliable test of whether candidates have successfully completed an MBA program learning abilities exam, GMAT to help business schools or MBA programs assess the applicant eligibility for further study in business administration. Because the GMAT sponsor GMAC, whose members include many well-known business schools around the world, so GMAT score get widely recognized business schools from around the world, is the world-wide most is generally required when applying for MBA exam results provided by the applicant. Their examination subjects include accounting, economics, management science, general management, production management, administrative management, international trade, fixed asset, insurance, finance, marketing, health, transport, mathematical analysis and behavioral science, management information systems, more than more than 10 professional disciplines.
3. the LSAT test LSAT (full name in English Law School Admission Test, known as LSAT) is a United States law school, law school admission committees set the admission exam, part of Canada's law schools this test standard is also used. As United States law schools apply for admission to one of the terms of reference, LSAT scores, as estimated in law school applicants right and reasonable inferences and judgments, analysis, and evaluation of performance, are not eligible to apply for the restriction. In short, the LSAT is to test the English proficiency of students to study in Canada and the United States, and its score is only one of the evaluation criteria as apply for law school. Almost all of the law schools require applicants to take the LSAT exam, nearly all law schools require applicants to submit LSAT scores, examination consists of three components, each time of 35 minutes, plus 30 minutes of writing. Three aspects of reading comprehension, logical reasoning and analytical reasoning.
Above is to introduce United States students need to participate in some of the exams remind you here, not to score future, don't mistake score must be able to apply to leading universities. You know, test scores, after all, just one of the essential requirements in the application process, United States colleges are more focused on students ' comprehensive ability and accomplishment, SAT out a year of "exam" was rejected by the school are also not uncommon. Of course, high and low test scores, to some extent, was able to reflect existing learning levels and English proficiency, students who have good test scores, still has some advantages in the application. Wish everyone could get a good result!