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Abuse education controversy: the overprotective of their children vulnerable

Training shall not fear injury has pride touch shall not fear think in corporal punishment play shall not fear injured difficult is responsible for "holding in hand in fear fell has, containing in mouth in fear of has" this sentence saying had was used to described parents too spoiled children, and now, except some parents on children responsive outside, many school also on students carefully: can't said harsh criticism, can't slightly to touch touch, even even PE also Shang have cautious, fear students injured. Children into three "no": training, and untouchable, playing no.
  Recently, this reporter found some primary and secondary schools in the city, as parents and schools "together" on child protection, children now increasingly vulnerable.
  Day 12 of a teacher a question students collapsed large (not her real name) is a closed primary school students in Wuhan, intelligence is normal, but courage is very small. His human mother and Grandma's doting, usually mother and grandmother as saying no to him, let alone give him any setbacks.
  Recently large makes a mistake, teacher said softly: "How could you do that? "Large felt wronged, despite the strange eyes of the students, hands on the floor, got to the bottom of the cupboard in the front row of the classroom after going into hiding, let the teacher how to shout out.
  Large class Wan Qi said, because of the tender, the teacher and students afraid to hurt him which sentence is wrong.
  "This kid a lot, psychologically vulnerable. "Said Chang Chiung, Director of Wuhan customs primary school moral education, more education children have no parents want their children than other people, the easier it will spoil the child.
  Reporters found that almost all of the teachers about the student's first impression is, "psychology is very sensitive, vulnerable, like praise, do not like to listen to criticism".
  Discount actually of afraid of students were injured in school activities, found in in an interview with reporters, not only parents of young children to excessive indulgence, many school students in school because of a fear of responsibility spheres of activity and strength greatly reduced, the purpose is to ensure that students do not get hurt.
  City primary school in recent years has created a special cadre positions, met with students between classes make a big sound, or running fast, even up and down the stairs without walking by posting signs on the right, the small cadre who have to come forward to urge.
  "The key is to reduce the chance of injury. "The school introduced Chen in charge of moral education.
  President Chen said that last year, a 4-year students on campus after school play, jumping from flower beds causing leg fracture, although schools sent students hospitalized, also arranged for a special teacher home visits, parents are still on the question of compensation and the school spent more than two months.
  For the same considerations, schools on students sports activities, will also try to choose "safe" project. Reporters found that many primary schools have no parallel bars in the playground now that sports equipment, discus-throwing Javelin project is students such as taboo. Students of physical education just running, doing exercises, play ball, "the project".
  Chen believes that the frustration education of physical exercise is the best for their children, and children through the achievement of different goals in sports, exercise their psychological endurance, but now many schools are unable to ensure that students have enough time to exercise, or reach the intensity and content, is afraid of injury.
  The criticism is criticism not overdoing reporters found, as in recent years the transformation of educational concepts and implementation of school curriculum reform, more and more parents and teachers praise "appreciation education", saying that "good boy is to be praised." But sometimes education is using too much, we will lose effect.
  A Chinese public class in a primary school, reporters found that the 40-minute lesson, teacher, all the students are praise, even if students answer the questioning, also praised the teacher he has a serious, progressive manner.
  While most of the students reflected at home also was to receive praise, praise almost became the only means to guide children to grow.
  Education masters Sun yunxiao (PO) believes that the child's recognition of certain objective and concrete, from the heart, praise to children can feel the sincerity and enhance child driving forces. Inappropriate recognition is easy to reducing the psychological ability of students.
  "I agree with the criticism of students, and even some of the time, the corporal punishment is appropriate for the students. "Hankou, a middle school principal believe that for most children, verbal persuasion can play a role, but a very small number of students, after persuasion does not work, can take advantage of corporal punishment. "The most direct is to make his stand, a stand for some students occasionally the effect is absolutely better than the language. ”